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12 août 2014 2 12 /08 /août /2014 16:40
KRET Photo Marina Lystseva

KRET Photo Marina Lystseva


12 Aug 2014 by Rostec

During the 3rd International Forum “Engineering Technologies-2014”, and the 2nd International Exhibition of Weapons, Technology, and Innovations “Oboronexpo-2014”, KRET will for the first time present various systems for the on-board avionics equipment to be used in drone models.


KRET will present a universal on-board system that can be used for both military and civilian unmanned airplanes and helicopters. The concern will also present recent innovations from fifteen of its subsidiaries for unmanned aircraft operating systems, including flight control and navigation systems, fuel systems, computer systems, and more.

“KRET is proactively developing advanced avionics systems for both military and civilian unmanned aerial vehicles,” said Andrey Tyulin, KRET Deputy CEO for strategic planning and state defense orders. “We will present more than twenty innovations for the first time, including piloting, fuel, and cable systems for unmanned aerial vehicles of any type.”

KRET will also demonstrate a unique digital multifunction radar system developed by Phazotron. The radar can detect and track air, ground, and surface targets; issue targeting information to other drone systems; adjust navigation tasks; and generate surface radar images at a specified resolution.

We will present more than twenty innovations for the first time, including piloting, fuel, and cable systems for unmanned aerial vehicles of any type.

Andrey Tyulin, KRET Deputy CEO for Strategic Planning and State Defense Orders.

The exhibition will also feature an integrated control system developed by the Design Bureau of Industrial Automation for unmanned helicopters, as well as test flight information registers and cockpit displays. Another innovation to be presented is a model of the VVS-V3-2 flight information calculator. Designed by the Ulyanovsk Instrument Design Bureau, it transmits information about the altitude and speed of the aircraft necessary for flight control to the drone’s navigation and piloting system.

KRET will also present a gimbal-free inertia system made by the Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automation. The system can determine the location of the aircraft as well as collect, process, and deliver complex navigation and flight information. The KRET enterprise Avia-Automation named for V. V. Tarasov will also present a weapons control system.

The drone technology exhibit will occupy its own space in KRET’s multimedia pavilion, which takes up 1,800 square feet. KRET’s open displays will occupy 660 square meters. For the first time new innovations in the field of electronic intelligence and warfare will also be presented. A total of 41 enterprises will be represented at the KRET exhibit. In order to review background information about KRET and learn about the exhibition’s features, a special app can be downloaded to a smartphone. Guests can also use the multi-touch smart display at the KRET exhibit.

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