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Mobile Robots to Guard Against Terrorist Attacks

Ultra-light class robotic systems are being produced at the KEMZ Kovrov plant


July 08, 2014 by Rostec


For more than 20 years, special services and police have relied on mobile robots to prevent terrorist attacks that use explosives. Such robotic systems of ultra-light and lightweight classes are produced at the Kovrov Electromechanical Plant (KEMZ), which is part of the state corporation Rostec. These serially produced systems are used for visual reconnaissance, search, and preliminary diagnostics of suspected explosive devices using television cameras and special attached devices. They are also used for the remote removal of explosive devices, or to place them in the special containers for evacuation.


Such robotic systems utilize automatic devices to perform all necessary functions, except for control and monitoring, which is done by people. Mobile robots are used in disaster management in conditions that are hazardous to human life. Typically, robotic systems consist of a chassis, a manipulator, a mobile remote control, a remote observation system, and a lighting system. Additionally, some robots may be equipped with chemical and radiation detection systems, as well as replacement technological equipment.

Robotics and the Portable Control Panel

Robotic systems are designed to replace people in cases in which the task is beyond human capabilities, or when there is an excessive threat to human health and life. One of these systems is a light-class mobile robot called Varan, produced at the Kovrov Electromechanical Plant. The robot was designed by the Scientific Research Institute of SM MSTU named for N. E. Bauman, along with employees at the Special Design Bureau of Instrument of Automation in the city of Kovrov.

The modular complex Varan was developed with the use of modern software products, such as Autodesk Inventor 10, aimed at creation of the 3D models.

The mobile robot Varan was created to detect, disrupt, or destroy explosive devices on-site, or transfer them to a safe place in a special container. In addition, the robot is able to conduct reconnaissance in urban or battlefield environments, as well as in conditions hazardous to human health and life. Varan can work even in the midst of radiation, chemical, or biological contamination.

The robotics system is managed by an operator or can work in autopilot mode according to a pre-assigned program. Varan crawler-transporter can also be outfitted with different working equipment, depending on the task, such as a two-finger manipulable claw, a CCTV, or a water jet that can destroy explosive devices.

Mobile Robot Varan

Additionally, the Kovrov plant produces the ATV-TM3 and ATV-TM5 multi-purpose robotic systems in the ultra-light class.

The mobile ATV-TM3 system is intended to address problems in remote and dangerous places. It is capable of conducting video surveillance of intelligence facilities and areas; inspecting hazardous and other suspicious objects and devices in buildings, on terrain and vehicles; and delivering, installing, and remotely activating explosive devices such as Vyrub-V and Vyrub-KM. This robot can be used in areas with a temperate climate.

Two people operate the ATV-TM3, which can be brought to military readiness in 15 minutes. The robot can be controlled by radio at a distance of up to 600 meters or by cable up to 75 meters.

The robotics system consists of a base module, arm, remote control panel system, cable management system, a remote control, and charger.

Ultra-light ATV-TM5 Robotics System

The system is characterized by a high degree of reliability and an operational life of up to 7 years. The manufacturer guarantees 12 months and 200 hours of uninterrupted work during that period.

The ATV-TM5 is just like its predecessor, a multifunctional mobile robot of the ultra-light class. It differs by having the capabilities to complete even more tasks dangerous to humans. It can conduct video surveillance, find and identify suspicious items in buildings, and inspect automobiles.

The robot can neutralize explosive devices using its destructive capabilities, carry loads weighing up to 30 kg using a system of pulleys, open doors with keys, and break through door locks with the use of destroyer.

KEMZ also produces Metallist robotic systems of the ultra-light class for use in reconnaissance and fire support. It is designed to protect personnel of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs during their efforts to combat public disorder and terrorist acts. It can provide fire support, conduct reconnaissance and surveillance missions, and also provide distractions.

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