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photo D3O Lab

photo D3O Lab



14 August 2014 army-technology.com


D3O Lab has received funding from the US Army's Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier for the evaluation of prototype shock-absorbing helmet system solutions.


Under the one-year foreign comparative testing (FCT) programme, the company will assess the blunt trauma characteristics of its prototype D3O trauma reduction and unrivalled shock technology (TRUST) helmet system.


Specifically, the PEO Soldier programme office for protection and individual equipment (SPIE) aims to assess the impact performance of the D3O shock-absorbing helmet system when it is fitted into combat helmets and impacted at 14ft/s, according to military standards.

"D3O TRUST has been developed to improve impact protection against blunt force trauma."


Originally developed with funding support from the Technology Strategy Board, D3O TRUST has been developed to improve impact protection against blunt force trauma, a physical trauma caused by a collision with a non-penetrating object or surface.


The helmet uses the company's unique patented technology to offer superior impact protection and comfort compared with existing helmets.


D3O general manager Mostyn Thomas said: "D3O has conveyed to this product the R&D expertise it has honed in creating industry-leading protective helmets for the US team sports market, particularly American football and baseball.


"D3O is committed to creating personal protection equipment, which will help to reduce the thousands of very common injuries affecting soldiers each year."


The D3O TRUST helmet consists of three individual parts, including a shock-absorbing liner to absorb and dissipate the energy released in the collision, an inflatable system that fits the solution to a range of head shapes, and a skull cap to offer more comfort and help with sweat management.


The shock-absorption liner is in turn encapsulated using D3O's new smart skin technology, which is a wipe-clean thermoplastic polyurethane that provides durability and an anti-microbial barrier.


Blunt force trauma is the principal cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and mild TBI, with the former affecting nearly 31,000 UK soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq between 2006 and 2013.

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