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10 octobre 2014 5 10 /10 /octobre /2014 06:20
Much Ado about "Killer" Drones

9 Oct.,2014 by Lazarus - informationdissemination.net

The recent successful test of a swarm of U.S. small boats for escort duties has again triggered questions regarding the use of “killer” drone vehicles. Antiwar groups, legal scholars and even the United Nations have taken strong stands against the use of so-called “killer robots” by the United States. Although many of these protests stem from the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s), there is a developing general unhappiness with drone units. This is unfortunate since unmanned vehicles represent the best means for the U.S. and other Western states to increase their military capabilities against the threat of rising or rouge states bent on aggressive activity. Much of the public mistrust of drones has been shaped by science fiction stories and films rather than science fact. Drones have in fact been a distinct part of warfare since the development of mine. Finally, while platforms with unfortunate names like the Predator and Reaper have become the demon “poster children” of drone warfare, there are many other well developed and controlled offensive and defensive applications of drone units that cannot be ignored by U.S. and Western military planners.


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