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30 novembre 2013 6 30 /11 /novembre /2013 21:50
Aeromedical Evacuation

source EATC

The tactical capability of the A400M (powerful engines, short runways, steep take off) enables fast evacuations from austere deployed sites.  Besides, with its range capacity of max. 8.700km the aircraft offers the appropriate range, speed, operating altitude and comfort to optimally serve for Strategic MEDEVAC purposes.
The A400M is equipped with eight stretchers (with medical oxygen supply) as standard, which are permanently stored on board. The aircraft can furthermore accommodate as many as 66 standard NATO stretchers and 25 medical personnel seated on troop seats, with a quick access to all stretchers.  The stretcher bearing system enables a quick configuration change between MEDEVAC and passenger and/or troop or paratroop transport roles.
EATC nations are planning to install their intensive care units on pallets to ensure a quick configuration change.
Electrical power outlets - equally located over the cargo hold length - allow to easily connect medical devices. Moreover, 6 litter boxes and a medical assistant station comprising a cabinet with a foldable board are available.
To ensure proper patient care, cabin pressure can be maintained at sea-level altitude up to a flight level of 19 400 ft.


A400M equipped with AE kit pictured by Royal Air Force

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