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photo Nexter Canada

photo Nexter Canada



November 13, 2013. By David Pugliese - Defence Watch


The Close Combat Vehicle project is now at least two years behind schedule and has faced resistance from some in the military who are worried the new armoured carriers are unaffordable. The Canadian Army wanted the government earlier this year to cancel the project but that was declined, according to military, government and industry sources.


Retired chief of the defence staff Gen. Rick Hillier has since come out in support of cancelling the project to purchase the Close Combat Vehicle or CCV, arguing that the $2 billion could be used to help offset the budget cuts the military faces.


The Close Combat Vehicle was announced with great fanfare by the Conservatives in the summer of 2009. The government will buy 108 of the armoured carriers. The army originally argued that the vehicles, which would accompany its Leopard tanks into battle, were a priority for future missions.


The winning bidder on the vehicle program was supposed to be announced “in the fall”…..or that was what DND stated earlier this year/late last year.


Well it’s the fall. So what is happening?


First, the good news for bidders on the project. “An announcement regarding the CCV will be made in due course,” Mike Graham, a DND communications advisor told Defence Watch.


And now for the bad news.


First, Graham states an announcement will be made. That doesn’t necessarily mean that a contract will be announced. Who knows what that “announcement” will be?


And secondly, what exactly does in “due course” mean?


For the average person that means soon. But in this case the DND can’t define what in “due course” means. “I regret I don’t have more precise information to provide at this time,” Graham stated in his email to Defence Watch in response to the question about what “due course” means.


The term “in due course” was used by then Defence Minister Peter MacKay 2009 in answers when the RCAF would receive a new Fixed Wing SAR aircraft. And that was four years ago….

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