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20 juin 2014 5 20 /06 /juin /2014 16:55
Conflicts: more complexity tomorrow


20.06.2014 Thales


Re-emergence of symmetric conflicts in a more complex and integrated battlespace: how Thales is preparing the defence solutions of tomorrow.


The attacks of September 11 led to a series of asymmetric engagements, in which western forces pitched themselves against loosely organised transnational insurgent forces.


This refusal direct confrontation marked a turning point for western military superiority and forced both sides to develop new forms of warfare. Western forces therefore had to reconfigure to deal with the particular threats associated with this type of conflict, such as terrorism, sabotage, ambushes and fighting in populated areas. However, symmetric conflicts are by no means a thing of the past — as illustrated by the rising tensions between military powers in Eastern Europe and the Far East.


We are thus seeing a return to conventional types of confrontation — but between societies transformed by new information and communication technologies. This new, digital battlespa... (plus)

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