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15 décembre 2014 1 15 /12 /décembre /2014 12:35
Third test of WU-14 confirmed by Chinese defense ministry


2014-12-14 wantchinatimes.com


A spokesperson of the Chinese defense ministry confirmed the People's Liberation Army's third test of the WU-14 hypersonic sonic strike vehicle on Dec. 10, Bill Gertz, the senior editor of the Washington Free Beacon said in a recent article.

During the press conference, the spokesperson said China routinely conducts scientific experiments inside its borders. He said that the exercise involving the WU-14 was not carried out with any country in mind as a potential target. The confirmation was later reported by Chinese state media. Gertz said it is unusual for China to confirm the test of its hypersonic glide vehicle because it normally keeps the development of its nuclear weapons under wraps.

The WU-14 was designed for the Second Artillery Corps. Chinese state-run news said, the third test of PLA's ultra-high speed vehicle took place on Dec. 2 after two earlier tests on Jan. 9 and Aug. 7. It was a routine exercise according to the Chinese government. Believing that the WU-14 is intended to deliver nuclear weapons, the Pentagon has expressed anxieties over the tests, according to John Tkacik, a China affairs specialist.

In addition to nuclear warheads, the WU-14 can also be used to conduct conventional strikes against important targets such as aircraft carriers according to US officials. The third test of the WU-14 suggests that China is now focusing its resources on the development of hypersonic weapon systems. It has been described by a congressional report of the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission as a core component of China next-generation precision strike, no weapon can be used to intercept it once the vehicle is fired.

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