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15/03/2015 EUFOR-RCA


After 11 months of intensive operations EUFOR RCA has successfully completed its mission in Bangui and all components have left the Central African Republic to return to their countries, but at the same time the European mission EUMAM is deployed, to facilitate the reorganization of the Central African armed forces.


After having handed over the responsibility of the airport one the 17th of November, EUFOR has transferred the responsibility of both 3rd and 5th districts to MINUSCA on the 28th of February, at a symbolic parade with all International Forces and Transitional Authorities.


Initially agreed for a period of 6 months after achieving full operational capability of the force, the mandate of EUFOR RCA actually lasted 9 months, after the Central African authorities and the United Nations requested an extension, deploying on the ground about 750 soldiers from 14 European Countries.


During the last 11 months, the level of security in Bangui has significantly improved, facilitating the deployment and actions of humanitarian actors embodying a global approach which is the higher level benefit of the operations of the European Union. IDPs are going back to their homes while the first refugees are begining to return to Central African Republic. And thus the economic and social life has restarted, the iconic PK5 market continues its development, freedom of movement of people has improved significantly, and all Bangui communities have begun reconciliations to regain their life together.


In his last speech delivered at UCATEX base to the lined-up EUFOR RCA Units, General Jean-Marc Bacquet, Force Commanders of EUFOR RCA, praised the continuous efforts of the European soldiers deployed in Bangui, to attain a safe and secure environment and to allow humanitarian organizations to provide aid and displaced persons to return home.


During the final farewell, addressed to the Central African authorities on the 13th of March, the Ucatex compound was named “camp Moana” in honor of the French Master Corporal Moana Heiarii who died for EUFOR in the fulfilment of his mission on November 5, 2014; in his speechGeneral Philippe Pontiès, Operational Commander of EUFOR RCA said: “My wishes for success are finally going to EUMAM, which will extend in other forms the dynamics of EUFOR RCA, showing the determination of the European Union to continue to play an active role alongside the United Nation, for the population and in support of the transition process and reconstruction work in Central African Republic.”

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