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MR2175 - photo Megaray

MR2175 - photo Megaray


11 March 2015 by Guy Martin - defenceWeb


Specialist searchlight company Megaray is offering an integrated recognition system that can identify people at 1.8 km or vehicle number plates at 1.2 km using an upgraded searchlight in conjunction with a low light camera and lens system.


Grant Cornish, International Sales Manager at Megaray, said the original MR2175 has been upgraded to a 300 watt unit to become the MR2300 and is capable of projecting a beam of light in infra-red onto a distant target in order to allow long range lenses and low light cameras the ability to covertly identify targets at night over long distances.


The MR2300 was specifically designed for vehicle, vessel and weapon mounted platforms as was its smaller predecessor the MR2175. The MR2300 also incorporates the strobe feature of the earlier version.


The MR2175/MR2300 can be mounted on weapons, including .50 calibre guns and mini-guns and carry MIL-STD-810G certification, while the MR4300 can be remote controlled in conjunction with CCTV surveillance up to 5 km from the operator.


Megaray recently launched the MR3300, which caters for the marine environment and is remotely operated. It joins the company’s main products which include the 5 km range MR2300, MR3300 and MR4300 searchlights, the smaller MR2175, and the familiar MR175MK2 series compact handheld or tripod mounted 3 km range unit. Infrared lenses are also incorporated with the units for covert or semi-covert use.


Cornish told defenceWeb that mining companies are now also showing interest in the MR2300/Lens Low-light Camera configuration for security use, and have taken several of the units for testing. He anticipates that more orders will follow.


Cornish said the company’s search lights fall under the “non-lethal technologies” category and as an all-rounder are used for detection, search and rescue, crowd control, counter-piracy and sniper suppression applications, for example.


Megaray specialises in the manufacture of high powered military grade searchlights aimed at defence forces, police services and security companies.

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