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More than 100,000 people will visit Army-2015


31 Mar 2015 by Rostec


More than 500 military-industrial companies will participate in the forum


The International Military-Technical Forum Army-2015 will be held June 16-19, 2015, in the Moscow region. More than 500 companies are expected to present their products at the exhibition. According to organizers, over the course of four days, more than 100,000 guests, as well as representatives of the military-diplomatic corps of more than 100 countries, will visit the forum and exposition.

The Russian Defense Ministry is facilitating the forum, the first it has organized on this scale.

The forum seeks to facilitate all necessary conditions for reaching technical and technological solutions for the production of weapons, as well as military and special equipment, and to create a positive image for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Many leading enterprises and holdings companies of Russia’s military-industrial complex have already confirmed their participation in the Army-2015 forum, including: Rosoboronexport, United Aircraft Corporation, Russian Helicopters, United Engine Corporation, holdings of Ruselectronics, High Precision Systems, and others. Leading Russian research institutes, civil and military institutions of higher education, as well as a number of large foreign companies that produce military equipment, are also expected to participate.

In the city of Kubinka, Patriot Park of Culture and Leisure of the Russian Armed Forces is under construction and will be home to an aviation sector that features airplanes, helicopters, weapons, and military equipment for aerospace and defense troops. At least 43 pieces of equipment will be housed here, which will also be a demonstration site for military and aerobatic flights from the teams Russian Knights, Swifts, and Golden Eagles.

Demonstrations will also take place at land and water sectors, where visitors can see tanks, self-propelled guns, armored personnel carriers and battle vehicles, modern automotive and robotic equipment, and unmanned systems. In total, 75 pieces of equipment will be housed here. Sample units will fire on simulated enemies and overcome land obstacles on a test track, or water obstacles on a hydraulic course constructed specially for this event.

The business part of the forum will consist of round tables and training workshops with the participation of representatives of the military administration. In addition, several dozen sections of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Russian Ministry of Defense will be organized. Experts will discuss topics including the development of robotic systems for military use, control of troops, the simulation of weapons and combat operations, and issues regarding national security in the Arctic.

Meetings of the highest level, including those with representatives of foreign delegations, are planned to take place during the forum.

“I am confident that the possibility of direct communication with leading experts and an exchange of views on future design decisions of breakthrough technologies and their practical applications will promote the development of military thought and strengthen international military-technical cooperation,” said Sergey Shoigu, Russian Defense Minister.

Construction and installation is currently underway at Patriot Park for a year-round exhibition of arms and military equipment. According to the Defense Minister, this area will be able to compete with the largest military exhibitions around the world.

The park has an area of 5,414 hectares. It will be divided into five main areas: exhibition halls, museum exhibits, demonstration sites for modern models of equipment and weapons, military-historical reconstruction, and a cultural and recreational area.

Patriot Park is estimated to be able to accommodate 20,000 people a day. Visitors will be able to do more than see the exhibits. Beginning in June of this year, they will have the opportunity to purchase military vehicles, along with various types of uniforms and equipment.

It may be recalled that an agreement to establish an exhibition site to display weapons and military and special equipment at Patriot Park was signed in December 2014 by Sergey Chemezov, CEO of Rostec Corporation, Sergey Shoigu, Russian Defense Minister and Army General, Denis Manturov, Russian Minister of Industry and Trade, and Andrey Vorobyov, Moscow Region Governor.

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