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MPC Trials – photo BaeSystems

MPC Trials – photo BaeSystems

MPC Trials – photo BaeSystems


10/05/2013 by Paul Fiddian - Armed Forces International's Lead Reporter


BAE Systems' and Iveco Defence Vehicles' 8x8 MPC vehicle has been put through its paces during 12 days of intense testing, which included amphibious sorties.


The 8x8 MPC trials were part of the USMC's MPC (Marine Personnel Carrier) assessment programme and, according to those involved, went extremely well. Various aspects of the 8x8 MPC's capabilities were explored during the Water Performance, Stowage Capacity and Human Factors stages.


According to BAE Systems, all criteria envelopes were exceeded, with the 8x8 MPC showing that it could be exited by a full personnel load within 17 seconds and accommodate enough equipment to support a three-day long battlefield engagement without compromising its own safety or that of those on board.


8x8 MPC Trials


The 8x8 MPC trials were staged at Camp Pendleton's AVTB (Amphibious Vehicle Test Branch) in California. In their wake, further 8x8 MPC testing's now in prospect, this time at the Automotive Test Center in Nevada.


The BAE Systems' MPC's roots lie in Iveco's SUPERAV design. Constructed specifically for the USMC, it combines performance, payload and protection into a package intended to serve alongside the JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle), ACV (Amphibious Combat Vehicle) and AAV (Assault Amphibious Vehicle).


Marine Personnel Carrier


The USMC Marine Personnel Carrier programme is aiming to deliver a new amphibious vehicle design into service in 2015. Four vehicles are presenting in the running to win it, including the SAIC Terrex and the Lockheed Martin Havoc.


"The highly experienced team of BAE Systems and IVECO presented an impressive 26-ton, open-ocean, swim-capable vehicle that exceeded all projected vehicle requirements", BAE Systems' MPC programme director, John Swift, explained in a company press release.


"Despite a demanding programme, our MPC was completed on schedule and on budget. It will provide our Marine Corps customer with a highly manoeuvrable solution both in water and on land, with excellent amphibious capabilities and a high level of survivability."

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