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eurosatory 2012


June 5, 2012 defpro.com


26 Companies to Display Dozens of Technological Advances


Tel-Aviv, Israel |  The largest-ever Israel National Pavilion, organized by SIBAT - the International Defense Cooperation Division of the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMOD) - will present 26 companies launching 30 advanced technologies at Eurosatory, June 11-15, Paris, Hall #6. Participating companies will showcase a range of capabilities in these areas: The Future Soldier, Unmanned Platforms, Force and Platform Protection, Strategic Defense, Precision Strike, C4ISR, Homeland Security, and Military Logistics.

According to the Director of SIBAT, Brig. Gen. (IAF, Res.) Shmaya Avieli, "This year at Eurosatory, we are proud to present a broad range of technological innovations. More than 30 unique solutions created by Israel's Defense Industries are the direct result of the close, ongoing relationship with the IDF. This relationship enables a rapid technological response to field requirements. SIBAT, as the agency appointed by the Ministry of Defense to manage cooperation between government and industry, has extensive knowledge of the range of the industry's advanced solutions, and can therefore assist in providing a customer with a comprehensive solution. We consider the promotion of cooperation with foreign industries as very important, and already see interest expressed from various sources in the technologies presented and demonstrated at the exhibition."


Market-leading soldier systems, developed in Israel by the country’s defense industries, cover a wide range of personnel weapons which will be displayed at Eurosatory, including compact assault rifles, lightweight machine guns, grenade systems, guided missiles, assault and breeching weapons. On display are fully integrated suits and accessories, including lightweight weapon sights with day, night and thermal sensors, weapon-integrated fire control systems, electronic sensors, command and control systems, full mission kits, navigation and tracking devices, power supplies and displays, load bearing suits, and body armor. Also on display are man-portable electro-optical sensors, hand-held through-the-wall radars, miniature UAVs, and robots.


Israel is considered one of the world leaders in the development and fielding of unmanned systems technologies. On display at Eurosatory will be some of the most advanced systems, including Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAVs, Tactical and mini-UAVs, mission payloads, sensors for wide area coverage by electro-optical, synthetic aperture radar, intelligence gathering payloads and targeting systems. Technologies supporting unmanned systems will highlight lightweight structures, servos, avionics and controls, datalinks and data processing applications, ground systems and mobility systems and sensors for ground robots. Unmanned ground systems will also be available in various sizes and payload capacities.


Israeli defense manufacturers will showcase a wide range of solutions for force protection, including gunfire, rocket or missile detection systems, hard kill/soft kill defensive systems for vehicles, and remotely controlled weapon systems. Also showcased are sophisticated mobile, portable, and stationary threat detection and countermeasure systems, designed to protect dismounted troops or facilities, advanced sensors that detect snipers, and ground based radars and unattended sensors that provide a security perimeter. Additional solutions on display are the latest designs for armored vehicles, as well as camouflage solutions, new robots, lasers, and jammers to defeat ballistic threats, mines and IEDs.


At Eurosatory 2012 Israel is introducing new capabilities in air defense, that enable, for the first time, an effective missile defense and counter-rocket capability, based on advanced hit-to-kill ballistic missile interceptors, rocket and missile defenses developed by its leading defense industries. These systems are complemented by radar, electro-optical sensors, battle management, command and control systems, communications and networking systems, firing units, and mobile support equipment – all developed in country.


Also displayed at the Israel Pavilion is a wide range of precision weapons, ranging from long-range missiles, rockets and loitering weapons - capable of striking targets hundreds of kilometers away, with a precision of several meters CEP or less. Supporting tactical operations, precision-guided munitions are provided for artillery tubes, rockets and mortars. Smart fuses offer critical advantages, maximizing the terminal effect on the target. Guided missiles, employing laser, GPS, or electro-optical guidance modes support tactical forces, enabling pinpoint accuracy at all ranges.


Solutions on display include the latest technologies in the C4ISR field, from broadband networks to software defined radios, (SDR) frequency hopping radios - supporting ad-hoc networking, and enabling the military user to establish communications on accessible commercial infrastructures. Also showcased are solutions for video communications over broadband links, specialized datalinks that harness commercial broadband protocols, tracking and reporting solutions based on narrow-band radios, satellite communications, and access services. Israeli C4I systems also support applications and software services, providing the tools for information management.


At Eurosatory, Israel's Defense companies will showcase comprehensive, integrated information management systems. These systems regulate large numbers of sensors ranging from airborne systems carried by unmanned or manned platforms, land-based area surveillance radars, coastal or maritime surveillance, long-range electro-optical observation, or wide-area controlling systems, to unattended acoustic or seismic sensors. Other information systems link multiple databases, and Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBRNE) defense systems provide rapid response to emergency facilities.


Recognizing the critical importance of logistical systems for the military, Israel's defense industries constantly develop new concepts in this field. Among the unique technologies to be showcased at Eurosatory are integrated NBC/life support, power generation and water generation systems - designed to sustain life support for the crew and passengers of combat vehicles during extended combat missions. Other solutions include combat service support trailers, unmanned load carriers, vehicles to deliver water and fuel or evacuate casualties, field maintenance and test shops for complex hydraulic and electro-mechanical equipment, and mobile meteorology centers.

For more information on the Israel Pavilion at Eurosatory, please visit: www.sibat.mod.gov.il/Eurosatory

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