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November 9, 2011. David Pugliese: Defence Watch


Press release from Armatec:


Dorchester, Ontario – Armatec Survivability Corp (ASC) is excited to announce another major breakthrough in occupant centric survivability for soldiers and marines.


Last week, in coordination with the Canadian DND and DRDC, Armatec engaged in a very successful, full-scale live fire testing of large AT mine blast threats on the LAV III platform fitted with a fully composite mine shield.  The test took place at the DRDC test site in Suffield, Canada. The LAV III vehicle is similar to the US Stryker platform.


Under DND scrutiny, the tests were performed in accordance with STANAG 4569 and AEP55. The test parameters exceeded the requirements of the current AEP55 and exposed the full scale engineered test coupon to the most stringent conditions. Armatec achieved the highest STANAG levels on the vehicle structure, with low deformations and maximum survivability space for the occupants. The test bed was prepared in order to represent maximum global accelerations with worst case loading of the protective seating system and on the most vulnerable test location. The test vehicle was fully instrumented with the latest data acquisition systems, high-speed cameras and the latest model of the ATD dummy developed by Humanetics.


Armatec is the proud owner of the first Humanetics advanced capture rate test dummy and reports superior data quality and accuracy. High-speed camera technology provided by HSI in the tests provided information to allow detailed studies of the local and global events during the trials and validated load transfer of the mine and soil as well the human factors inside the vehicle.  In total, the data collected shows clean signals, stunning video and impressive performance.These tests show significant breakthrough in occupant centric survivability.


More traditional steel armor solutions, such as the V and W style hulls, are accompanied with the weight spiral, forcing them to require new wheels, drivelines, suspensions and engines; additionally, there is a significant expense and trade-off for survivability space, mobility, weight, and fuel consumption.


Armatec’s occupant centric survivability solution is based upon 3 pillars:


1.  Lightweight composites utilizing fiber, metal matrix and ceramic


composites avoiding the weight spiral.


2.  Maintain mobility and capability without the requirement for major


automotive upgrades.


3.  A holistic approach with the synergy of function, space claim, weight and cost.



The Armatec solution enhances survivability, improves performance, and allows for future growth while utilizing the majority of existing drive train and suspension components.  This approach provides for increased survivability and extension of life of type, all at a more affordable overall budget.


These tests show that survivability upgrades to vehicles can focus on protecting the soldier while adding only minimum weight and not compromising the vehicle’s automotive components and mission.


Current budget constraints require novel approaches to upgrade survivability performance and extend life of type to vehicles whilst maintaining operational requirements.  Armatec has proven that it can meet these challenges with the most cutting edge technology at an affordable price within a fully integrated system level.


Other Armatec News


In 2012, Armatec will produce the 1000th USMC upgrade kit for the LAV platform known as BPUP. The ballistic protection upgrade program was started in 2005 and has been very successfully deployed since 2006.

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