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30 November 2012 airforce-technology.com


Boeing has awarded a contract to UTC Aerospace Systems for conducting work on the US Air Force Research Laboratory's (AFRL) Integrated Vehicle Energy Technology (INVENT) programme.


As part of this contract, the company will serve as part of the High Performance Electric Actuation System integrated product team and conduct research to develop advanced actuation technology for sixth generation energy optimised aircraft (EOA).

"Research work is scheduled to be carried out at the company's Electronic Systems Center in Phoenix, Arizona, US."


UTC Actuation Systems' president Mike Gardiner said the company will jointly work with Boeing on this critical programme, while he also hopes there will be more future collaborations on next generation military aircraft development.


''Our experience and expertise developing advanced, reliable, power-optimised actuation systems brings a unique capability to Boeing and the US Air Force,'' Gardiner added.


Work on the contract will focus on designing, developing and testing an integrated suite of advanced actuators, featuring technology that is centred on enhancing energy, power and thermal management.


Technology delivered by the contract will be used for the development of primary flight control actuation for the next generation of tactical fighters and air mobility transport systems.


Research work is scheduled to be carried out at the company's Electronic Systems Center in Phoenix, Arizona, US.


Managed by AFRL's Propulsion Directorate, the INVENT programme is aimed at developing an air vehicle that will be capable of staying continuously airborne for 15 to 30 days between each refuelling, to help address the thermal management challenges in modern military aircraft.


Northrop Grumman is INVENT prime contractor, while Boeing and Lockheed Martin serve as subcontractors for the programme.

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