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Oct 29, 2012 ASDNews Source : Chemring Group


Chemring Detection Systems ("CDS") a Chemring Group ("Chemring") company, announced a $29M contract award to supply chemical detection systems to the US Army.   The award was made by the Edgewood Contracting Division of the Aberdeen Providing Grounds Contracting Command for over 100 Joint Services Lightweight Standoff Chemical Agent Detectors (JSLSCAD).   The systems will be installed in the Stryker Nuclear Biological Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle (NBCRV).


Greg Barton, President of CDS, commented: "CDS is proud to provide JSLSCAD to the US Army and we are very pleased to support the Full Rate Production phase of the Stryker NBCRV program.  The JSLSCAD offers a unique capability that provides excellent long range detection for US Soldiers."


The JSLSCAD can remotely detect and identify multiple chemical agent vapor clouds at standoff distances up to 2km in various operational environments.   The system is designed to be used on-the-move, can survey 360 degrees, in azimuth and is qualified to US military requirements.    The unit uses a passive infrared detection system that automatically searches the 7 to 14 micron region of the IR spectrum while scanning the surrounding atmosphere for chemical clouds. Using sophisticated pattern recognition algorithms, JSLSCAD detects, classifies, and identifies chemical agents while discriminating against both natural and manmade battle space interferents. 


Additionally, CDS offers a commercial variant of the JSLSCAD, the I-SCAD® for sale to international customers with an approved export license.  The ISCAD can be utilized in the mounted configuration on a ground platform, or integrated onto an air platform, or employed in a fixed site, tripod-mounted configuration for surveillance and protection of key assets or networked as part of integrated base defense.

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