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September 12, 2011 defpro.com


Simulator provides effective aircrew training against shoulder-launched missile threats


Chemring Defence’s all-new MANPAD WESS (Man-Portable Air Defence Weapons Effect Signature Simulator) is designed to be used from any location to train aircrew before they enter high threat theatres where man portable air defence weapons pose a serious threat to helicopters and low flying aircraft.


The MANPAD WESS uses a self-consuming pyrotechnic to replicate the launch signature of a missile and leaves no projectile or debris after it is consumed. This means training can be safely conducted from any air field, including those in urban areas, which removes the additional costs and inconvenience of using a designated firing range.


“The accuracy and flexibility of Chemring’s MANPAD WESS Simulator has been well received and it has already been selected by the US DoD to meet its MANPAD training requirements”, said Steve Blades, Sales & Marketing Director, Chemring Defence.


Chemring’s MANPAD WESS can simulate the signature of many types of shoulder-launched, man-portable ground to air missiles, which aircrew will encounter in the theatre of operation. By reproducing the visual and sound cues – blast, bright light, smoke trail and IR-plume - during the launch and initial flight phases, pilots are trained to adopt the correct evasive actions in response to a MANPAD attack. The simulator can be used in a variety of modes: as a single-shot Stand-Alone device or as an add-on to any Chemring fielded Multiple Shot Pyrotechnic Signature Simulator devices and can be remotely-controlled through wired or RF remote programmable firing units.


The WESS can be also linked to equipment to stimulate the threat indicator of the aircraft to add a further layer of realism to pilot training and to optimise aircrew readiness for high threat scenarios.

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