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September 12, 2011 SHEPARD GROUP Source: DRS


DRS Defense Solutions announced that its GS205 Targeting System - the smallest, lightest-weight, fully environmentally qualified stabilized targeting system on the market - successfully completed airborne laser designation testing, demonstrating its capability to bring targeting capability to small airborne and ground platforms.


Designed and manufactured by DRS Sensors & Targeting Systems in Cypress, California, the flight-proven GS205 offers targeting capability for all laser-guided weapons. It is now available off-the-shelf for platforms with Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) constraints.


"Its release reflects the culmination of a significant DRS and US Army Development Program," says Robert Viviano, vice president and general manager of DRS Sensors & Targeting Systems.


The US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM) Communications-Electronics Research, Development, and Engineering Center (CERDEC) Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate is a sponsor of this system development. It also supported the laboratory characterization, USAIPH Certification of the laser designator, and airworthiness qualification for the system.


"The GS205 provides the capability to detect, recognize, and prosecute targets from small airborne, ground vehicle and stationary platforms," added Vivano. "We are aware of no other targeting system on the market that can match the GS205 in capability for its size and weight."


The heart of the GS205 is DRS' 640x480 Micro-Integrated Detector Cooler Assembly (uIDCA) that provides high quality and long range imagery in a revolutionary small SWaP package. Coupled with a dual color, eye-safe laser rangefinder/laser designator and a high resolution color TV imager, the GS205 provides day/night reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition capability in a seven-pound, 5.5-inch-diameter package. The system is also available with a 17-micron, 640x480, uncooled long wave thermal imager for situations complicated by battlefield obscurants.

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