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With the deadline for submissions looming, all members of the EDA-Egmont Institute PhD Prize jury have been confirmed. The two organisations are now proud to present the panel of esteemed jurors that will evaluate and select the winner of the first edition of the EDA-Egmont Institute PhD Prize in Defence, Security and Strategy.

  • Prof Sven Biscop (Jury Chair), Director of the Europe in the World Programme, Egmont Institute
  • Ms Claude-France Arnould, Chief Executive, EDA
  • Dr Antonio Missiroli, Director, EUISS
  • Gen Patrick de Rousiers, Chairman, EUMC
  • Prof Jolyon Howorth, Jean Monnet Professor of European Politics, University of Bath, and Visiting Professor of Political Science, Yale University
  • Dr Hilmar Linnenkamp, Advisor, Research Division International Security, SWP
  • Prof Richard Whitman, Professor of Politics and International Relations, University of Kent
We are very proud to have such a prestigious jury. Applicants now know that their work will be scrutinised by senior people; that should boost their motivation to take the challenge to apply!

The call for submissions, which was published a month ago, was met with positive response immediately. Not only has media been supportive of this effort but almost instantaneously submissions were received. “The Prize is important to the European academic community within defence, security and strategy. It connects frontline research with European policy-making mechanisms, thus turning it into a really unique Prize.” Prof Sven Biscop of Egmont Institute, who is chairing the jury, elaborates further: “Having jury members of this calibre is a boost and adds significant weight to the Prize. With this sort of backing I think the Prize could definitely evolve over time into a hub for developing future European policies.”

On the submissions received Eric Platteau, Head of EDA’s Media & Communication Unit, explains: “While we already have received a few submissions, we definitely want more! We know there is a lot of good academic work out there and would like to put it under a European light. I would therefore encourage all eligible scholars to apply for the Prize. The more we have to choose from the better.”

17 December is the deadline for submissions and the Prize will be awarded at the EDA Annual Conference on 21 March 2012.

Are you interested? Have you completed a PhD in an area related to defence, security and strategy during the past academic year? Are you a national of an EDA Member State? If yes, we want you to apply (see documents below)!

More information:

- Call for submissions

- Submission form

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