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November 28, 2011 defpro.com


The uniquely concealed systems will be used for border control and perimeter security purposes


Kibbutz Einat, Israel | ESC BAZ - a leading provider of tactical communication systems, and advanced surveillance, observation, and reconnaissance systems for defense and security applications - announces the sale of its TOM SMS advanced vehicle-mounted surveillance mast systems to a country in Central Asia.


The unique system, designed for security patrol vehicles, is concealed and folded in the rear of the vehicle when not in use, and deployed only when the targeted destination is reached. Since there are no outward signs of the existence of the system, the transporting vehicle looks like an ordinary truck or trailer - not one engaged in surveillance activities - and can therefore travel freely in civilian areas without being noticed or arousing suspicion.


The systems are connected by a wireless transmitter to a mobile control and monitoring center. During operation, several vehicles can travel together into the field, with the command and control vehicle stationed in a secured location. Once their destination is reached, all the vehicles in the group can simultaneously perform observation, and wirelessly transmit their live videos to the control vehicle or directly to the headquarters for mission assessment and real-time investigation.


The systems are mounted on an exceptionally precise pan-tilt unit equipped with CCD and thermal cameras, which allow color day and night observation from inside the vehicle’s cabin, via the control and display unit (CDU). The surveillance cameras include video stabilization features that allow them to withstand rugged terrain and harsh weather conditions.


Ideal for land surveillance, border control, and perimeter security, TOM SMS is installed on vehicles and trailers with pneumatic mast systems of various heights, enabling the deployment of a range of payloads.


According to President and CEO of ESC BAZ, Mr. Benny Zviran, “The TOM SMS system was developed in response to the needs of our customers for a concealed system that prevents the enemy from realizing that observation activities are taking place – a feature which is unique to our system. The connection of the system within a group of vehicles dramatically enhances situation awareness. ESC BAZ has always worked towards the development of more and more sophisticated systems, implementing the feedback from our customers and delivering optimal solutions, tailored to their needs and their specific missions.”

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