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Indra has developed components of the Aegis system for over 30 platforms in 6 countries


July 19, 2011 defpro.com


Madrid | Indra, the premier IT Company in Spain and a leading IT multinational in Europe, as Lockheed Martin's supplier, will develop and supply to the US Navy the different elements of the Aegis air defense system destined to the future Arleigh Burke (DDG) ships.


The project, for an amount exceeding USD 12.5 M, has an execution period of 3 years. In order to win the contract Indra had to meet the demanding requirements established by the US government to its suppliers.


The company had to prove it was able to comply with a tight deadline, as well as its capacity to provide continuous upgrades to the system in order to meet the quality standards defined by the US Navy.


This award is within the framework of the cooperation agreement between Indra and Lockheed Martin to develop the Aegis system. This cooperation between both firms started at the end of the 90's on occasion of the construction program of the F100 Spanish frigates.


After this first experience Indra has worked with Lockheed Martin in the development of the different elements of the Aegis system for over 30 platforms, not only for the Spanish Navy but also for Australia, USA, Norway, Korea and Japan's maritime branches.


The Aegis system is among the cutting-edge air defense systems worldwide. It combines information technologies with sophisticated radar systems to follow up and control more than 100 possible threats in a radio above 100 nautical miles.

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