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July 12, 2012 defpro.com


With over 100 successful interceptions and a new model currently under development, the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system continues to improve


 An Iron Dome anti-missile defense battery will be temporarily stationed in the Eilat region in southern Israel, as part of the effort to test and prepare different sites across the country for the possibility of permanently stationing there additional batteries. Each battery will defend more Israeli civilians against missile threats.


"Since the system continues to grow and improve, is it important to test potential sites," said a commander from the Air Defense Formation. "After stationing Iron Dome batteries in numerous regions in southern Israel, including Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ntivot and Gush Dan – it is time to test the southernmost region in the country, Eilat."


So far, the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system successfully intercepted over 100 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip targeting residential areas during recent violent escalations. During the most recent escalation, the fourth Iron Dome battery was stationed for the first time. The battery first became operational in the beginning of the year.


"The batteries stationed proved extremely effective and we are satisfied with their operation. Of course defense is not absolute, though we are learning from every conflict and improving accordingly," added the officer.


The defense system will soon be upgraded to a second, improved version. The new model will include a series of changes that will allow for defense against a wider range of threats. (IDF)

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