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Photo: Python 5 Missiles for F-35


12/9/2011 Danny Shalom - israeldefense.com


Israel is interested in its own munitions for the new stealth plane


Some of the homemade weapons systems that the Israeli Air Force wants to integrate into the Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth fighters include advanced air-to-air Python 5 missiles and different types of Spice precision guided bombs.


The Americans, who developed the Sidewinder missile AIM-9X especially for stealth planes, are not enthusiastic over the idea and would prefer that Israel acquire missiles and bombs manufactured in the United States.


Israel’s Python 5 is driven by no less than fourteen-control surfaces, and is considered to have an advantage over the American missile (which is driven by thrust vectoring nozzles from the exhaust). After Python’s propulsion material is consumed, the missile continues the terminal chase with sharp maneuverability, thanks to its aerodynamic steering.


[Python 5 Missiles for F-35] The Americans have recently relaxed their ban on foreign technologies and systems being integrated into their stealth planes. At the Paris Air Show last June, a senior Lockheed Martin representative involved with the F-35 project confirmed that the company had agreed to let Israel integrate its own communications systems into the plane. The F-35s are expected to reach Israel in 2017.

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