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Jun 07, 2011 By VMSB DEFESA Global


French company Sagem SA (of SAFRAN group) has integrated its “Kit Vision Proximale” external observation system on a French Army (Armée de Terre) VAB (Véhicule de l’Avant Blindé) wheeled armoured vehicle.


The vehicle called Integrated-VAB is equipped with six high definition color cameras and two compact ruggedized displays for command and control tasks and as well as connection cables and mounting components. The suite can be installed in any type of armoured vehicles.


It can detect movements at up to 400 meters and identify them at a distance at up to 100 meters. The system detects any movement around the vehicle assuring a safe to the troops when leaving the vehicle. The system can be used as well for driving assistance, reconnaissance tasks and as well to support command decisions.


The solution includes interfaces for integration with Nexter Systems SIT V1 (Système d’Information Terminal) tactical information system installed in Leclerc, upgraded AMX-10RC, VBCI, Aravis VBHP, VBL and VB2L armoured vehicles, remotely controlled weapon systems or sighting systems.

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