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09 September 2011 by defenceWeb


LMT Products, a business unit of Land Mobility Technologies, has been awarded a follow-on contract to provide product service support for the LMT Gecko Airborne amphibious 8x8 light rapid deployment logistic vehicle.


Some 112 Gecko were acquired under Project Ambition I. Crayford All Terrain Vehicles (Pty) Ltd won a contract for the vehicles in 2002 and delivery started in 2003. LMT of Pretoria designed and built a variety of trailers for the vehicle, the most important being a flatbed cargo carrier that can be fitted with a command and control (C2) "pod" and a separate design mounting a 106mm recoilless gun. The C2 pod satisfies the needs of a battalion headquarters.


Production of the vehicles was at Atlantis-based Agrid SA. The design was based on the automotive components of the Argo Centaur 8x8 built by Ontario Drive & Gear in Canada. The top structure was redesigned and the hull reinforced. The Gecko is fully amphibious after preparation, which includes fitting inflatable pontoons stored in the hull and inflated using the exhaust system.


Logistic support was developed to MIL-STD-1388-2B and DEF-STAN—0060 levels, but a source told the author in 2006 that only 30 of the platforms were in limited use because the SANDF had failed to purchase adequate logistic support with the acquisition. The bulk of the vehicles were then brand new and unused although their three-year warranties had expired. LMT took over responsibility for the entire programme and the Gecko`s through-life support in March 2005,as well as the intellectual property and international marketing rights.


The latest work takes the amount spent on the Gecko to some R6 653 543.62 since 2007 – although this includes some funding for the Hornet. The Gecko is used by the Special Forces and the SA Army's 44 Parachute Regiment.



Product support for Gecko vehicles - extension of EIVS/2010/152

IVS/S2011/1380 8 Sep 2011 R350 877,00 LMT Products (Pty) Ltd


Product support service provider for Gecko vehicles

EIVS/2010/152 20 Jan 2011 R219 298,00 LMT Products (Pty) Ltd


Supply of GECKO and HORNET spares - extension of EIVS/2009/522

IVS/S2010/1156 2 Sep 2010 R855 266,00 BAE Systems t/a Land Systems OMC

Vyfster Werkswinkel Bk Bloemfontein


Repair/maintenance and supply of spares for B-vehicles and related equipment

ESPV/2009/522 3 Jun 2010 R2 850 948,00 BAE Systems t/a Land Systems OMC Vyfster Werkswinkel Bk Bloemfontein


Supply and fitment of rim stiffners for Gecko 8x8 system

EIVS/2009/311 12 Nov 2009 R127 310,12 Land Mobility Technologies (Pty) Ltd


Staff support in support of products system management functions - Gecko Vehicle System

EIVS/2008/114 2 Oct 2008 R1 110 525,00 Armscor Defence Institutes (Pty) Ltd

t/a Defence Decision Support Institute


Supply and fitment of chain tensioners for the Gecko vehicles

EIVS/2009/141 23 Sep 2009 R78 400,00 Vyfster Werkswinkel Bk, Bloemfontein


Continuation of staff support in support of products systems management function in the SA Army - Gecko vehicle system

EIVS/2007/59 6 Sep 2007 R249 950,00 Armscor Defence Institutes (Pty) Ltd

t/a Defence Decision Support Institute


Repair/maintenance and spares on B-vehicles and related equipment for Gecko vehicle system - extension of ESPV/2006/578

IVS/S2007/0553 2 Aug 2007 R212 535,00 Land Mobility Technologies (Pty) Ltd


Repair/maintenance and spares on B-vehicles and related equipment

ESPV/2006/578 18 Jun 2007 R371 828 146,00 Oudtshoorn Vehicle Repairs (Pty) Ltd

Struisie Motors t/a Klein Karoo Toyota Thaba Tshwane Vehicle Repairs

BAE Systems - Land Systems SA

Maritime Motors (Grahamstown)

Steradian Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Imperial Group t/a MAN Truck & Bus Land Mobility Technologies (Pty) Ltd Mayibuye Engineering (Pty) Ltd

Pelma Truck and Bus - Nigel

Impie Truck Centre (Pty) Ltd Vhuru Truck Centre CC East Cape Field Services

Bethlehem Sleepwastelsels (Pty) Ltd D & G Motor Repairs cc

BB Truck and Tractor Services (Pty) Ltd

Bohlabela Wheels (Pty) Ltd

F & R Phakisa Operations (Pty) Ltd


Main contractor's tasks on Gecko Vehicle Systems

EIVS/2006/678 23 May 2007 R394 734,00 Land Mobility Technologies (Pty) Ltd


Technology demonstrator pre study - extension of EGSS/2001/265

PMS/S2006/0008 28 Mar 2007 R30 000,00 Land Mobility Technologies (Pty) Ltd


Staff support and logistical development of Rapid Deployment Vehicles - extension of EJBR/2005/37

IVS/S2006/0398 22 Feb 2007 R173 700,50 Armscor Defence Institutes (Pty) Ltd

t/a Defence Decision Support Institute

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