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April 22, 2011 IDRW NEWS NETWORK


Indian air force along with Defence ministry have worked out a clear cut plans to retire close to 270 plus aircrafts from frontline line service from Indian air force , and by 2017 only Mig in service will be upgraded Mig-29, unless Mig-35 is selected in MMRCA Contract which seems highly unlikely .


Mig-21 Bison along with Mig-27 will be put up in storage and older Mig variant like MF and FL will be retired in next two years as per IAF’s Plan, Mig-23 aircrafts have already been retired from Iaf’s active duty and Mig-25 which were less than half a dozen have long been retired .


69 Mig29 are been currently been upgraded with Russian help and the first upgraded Mig-29UPG already made its first flight after upgraded last month ,around six Mig-29UPG will be upgraded in Russia first and then remaining will be upgraded with the kits provided by Russia in India it self .


Mig-29UPG will be last Migs which Indian air force will operate, since bulk of India air force fleet in future will compromise of Sukhoi Built Sukhoi-30MKI and PAK-FA/FGFA. Migs is and have been Backbone of India air force for more than five decades now, but it’s now clear that Sukhoi aircrafts will be future back bone of Indian air force for next few decades to come.


Indian air force have already have plans to put more than 50% of its current Mig-27 fleet into storage by 2015 and start phasing them out by 2017, Mig-27 fleet in Indian air force have lot of reliability issue with its Khatchaturov R-29B-300 afterburning turbojet engines which according to aviation experts has design flaws which have resulted into lot of recent crashes, Engines change option was rejected by Indian air force on grounds of high wear and tear noticed in the airframes.

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