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September 2, 2011 defpro.com


SHAPE, Mons, Belgium | From 19 to 30 September 2011 the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) will conduct exercises “Steadfast Pyramid 2011” (STPD11) and “Steadfast Pinnacle 2011” (STPE11) in Riga, Latvia. The exercises will be built on a fictitious scenario with special operational requirements to model likely crisis situations.


Latvia is hosting these exercises for the first time and it is just another example of strategic partnership. Latvia will develop the joint operational capability as a host nation and benefit from these exercises by improving abilities to work with other NATO nations and other key regional partners what will be useful in participating in ISAF and other multinational contingency operations around the world.


STPD11 and STPE11 serve as building blocks in the preparation of NATO commanders and their staff to exercise command and control during the planning, preparation and conduct of operations. Both exercises are scenario driven study seminars conducted within the context of non-Article 5 driven crisis response situation.


STPD11 focuses on the role of the military staff in the operational planning and decision-making process and prepares senior staff officers to better support their commanders during the different phases of operations across the full spectrum of NATO’s military missions.


SFPE 11 focuses on the role of the commander at the operational level, preparing senior officers to better lead their commands during the planning, preparation, execution and assessment of current and future NATO military missions.


Both exercises provide opportunities for the participants to increase their understanding of the context and relationships required to ensure NATO’s effective contribution to comprehensive approach. The seminars will also expand the participants’ knowledge about NATO policy, procedures, command and control capabilities, and allied doctrine which governs the planning and conduct of NATO military operations.


NATO regularly exercises to maintain readiness to provide the early establishment of NATO military presence. The NATO exercise programme is under continual review. Holding regular exercises – across the Alliance nations – provides tangible proof of NATO’s readiness and capabilities.


A Media Day will be held at the Latvian National Defence Academy in Riga on 29 September 2011. A separate media advisory is to follow.

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