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NOA NYX (photo: Meprolight) NOA NYX (photo: Meprolight)


5/11/2011 IsraelDefense


Two new weapons sights from Meprolight will provide better aim for firearms and full combat effectiveness


Meprolight has launched its MEPRO-M5, a combat optics system for light weapons developed to answer the need for a close quarter battle sight for both military and law-enforcement forces.


The new system was introduced at the DSEi exhibition in London last month. The MEPRO M5 is a lightweight MIL-STD red-dot sight, specifically optimized for “both eyes open” shooting, and operation with GEN II and III nightvision devices, as well as mounted magnification devices. It is thought to be an ideal solution for light machine guns, assault rifles, and sub-machine guns.


The M5 features an enlarged 33 x 22 display, ensuring unparalleled rapid target acquisition. The sight features a 2-MOA red-dot aiming point with four different brightness settings, for effective use on the darkest night or sunniest day. It uses a single AA battery with auto-power on/off, providing up to 8,000 hours of operation.


Meprolight also introduced its new NOA NYX—a lightweight, un-cooled thermal weapons sight, weighing less than 1 kg. Created to address the issues of precise target detection and engagement in dust, smoke, and complete darkness, the NOA NYX uses proven high-resolution microbolometer technology to ensure clear and consistent results.


The NOA NYX can be used as a handheld observation device or fitted to light machine guns, assault rifles, and submachine guns. The system’s long-range capability and light-weight make it suitable for sharpshooter rifles with 2X and 4X digital zoom. The NOA NYX also has the ability to detect human-sized moving targets at ranges up to 900 meters. ž

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