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The Merkava APC will also be used in logistic missions


16/5/2012 Arie Egozi - israeldefense.com


New in the IDF: A "trailer” harnessed to the Merkeva APC (Namer) will serve the Logistic layout in providing supplies to urban combat areas


According to the plans of the IDF’s Logistics Corps, the new towed vehicle is expected to multiply the Namer's standard carrying capacity, and will be designed so that it can also move through narrow streets. This comes as part of the IDF’s logistic adaptations for urban combat such as those that took place in Gaza and in Lebanon, when the combat took place in built-up areas, most of which were generally dense.


The new trailer allows for the transfer of all forms of supplies to all forms of combat areas. It should be noted that the Golani Brigade was the first IDF brigade to conclude its acquisition of the Merkava APC. In addition to the “standard” Namer, Merkava APCs intended for engineering missions and for medical evacuation were also developed by the Merkava Tank Program Administration.

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