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Jan 17, 2012 ASDNews Source : Obzerv Technologies

Obzerv Technologies Inc. has received a contract from Bharat Electronics Ltd. to supply 46 ARGC-2400 cameras. Obzerv's electro-optic cameras will be integrated by Bangalore-based defense Public Sector Company Bharat Electronics Ltd. (BEL) in a multi sensors Coastal Surveillance System. Each system to be supplied to Indian Coastguard will include: the ARGC-2400, a thermal imager, a radar station and meteorological sensors, all of which will be mounted on lighthouses and towers. While the radars and thermal imagers will be dedicated to the detection and location of intrusions from the sea, the ARGC-2400 cameras will be used to classify and identify those targets to provide situational awareness and the ability to counter a threat.

Ever since the 2008 Mumbai attack, the Indian Coast Guard's mandate was to find the best surveillance solution including a camera system operating day and night to identify any suspect vessel at long distances. The Coast Guard selected BEL to provide such turnkey surveillance solution, which in turn selected an Electro Optic System based on Obzerv ARGC-2400 camera after an international competition lasting many months.

To reach the high level of suitable operational capability, a surveillance system must free operators from major environmental constraints and overcome the limitations of current sensors such has standard CCD, ICCD and thermal imagers. Among many features, the main advantage of the long-range night vision cameras developed by Obzerv is their capabilities to perform long-range identification using Obzerv's unique Patent Pending pulse laser source. Compared to thermal cameras, Obzerv cameras collect the reflection of the laser pulse from the target, which allows any registration mark to be read as well as scene or targets to be observed regardless of their body temperature. A range-gated camera becomes particularly efficient during overcast nights and in degraded weather conditions frequently encountered in coastal surveillance application.

This program is the first phase of the Indian coastal surveillance project designed to cover the entire coast. "Nowadays, long-range identification of a potential threat is of the utmost importance and the ARGC-2400 is up for the challenge. This contract confirms again the unique capabilities and versatilities of our cameras" says Mr. Alain Laflamme, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing of Obzerv Technologies.

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