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(Source: PLA Daily)   2011-01-21 http://english.chinamil.com.cn/

By Duan Xuegang and Shang Xiaohua

In mid January, the reporters witnessed a maintenance training course at an aviation equipment training base of the Air Force of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA). During the course, a new-type fighter plane had a sudden “failure” before it took off. Upon receiving the order, several maintenance trainees immediately came to the plane and gave it an examination.

Since the beginning of the new century, the PLA Air Force accelerated its pace of transition construction and various kinds of new-type aviation equipment entered service in succession, entailing a large number of high-quality maintenance talents. The Armaments Department of the PLA Air Force innovated its training model for maintenance talents, integrated and optimized its raining resources, systematically strengthened the construction of its aviation equipment training bases, so as to try to realize the synchronization of the cultivation pace of maintenance talents with the requirement of the maintenance frontline.

All the aviation equipment training bases of the PLA Air Force actively introduced modern IT means and vigorously advanced e-teaching and simulated teaching. Presently, all the aviation equipment training bases of the PLA Air Force have independently developed a multiple of new-type integrated simulation and virtual training systems for combat planes and 26 sets of training application software, providing a technology platform for equipment simulated training and assessment of the aviation troop units.

The Armaments Department of the PLA Air Force also actively expanded its training channels and has formed a “five-in-one” collaboration mechanism of bases, institutions, troop units, factories and research institutes. In recent years, it invited 22 military and civilian experts to teach in the bases in succession, and arranged several batches of trainees to visit and study in various educational institutions and equipment manufacturing and repair factories.

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