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Polish WZT-3 armoured recovery vehicle at MSPO 2009

Defence exhibition in Poland.

(Credit photo Army Recognition)


March 26, 2012, Army Recognition


The Supervisory Board of Polish Defence Company Bumar sp. z o.o. chose to implement the contract signed by Bumar sp. z o.o. and Indian Defence Company BEML Ltd. for the supply of 204 units of the WZT-3.


The Supervisory Board of Bumar sp. z o.o. also agreed to carry out the agreement of 27 February 2012 between Bumar sp. z o.o. and ZM BUMAR-Labedy S.A.


The contract is one of the priorities of Bumar sp. z o.o. Management Board.


The contract between BEML Ltd. and Bumar sp. z o.o. was signed on 17 January 2012. Its value is estimated at 275 million USD. Indian industry will take part in manufacturing the WZT-3. Bumar and BEML also signed an agreement on technical and research cooperation in the development of armoured recovery vehicle assembled on the chassis of the Indian main battle tank of Arjun.


The WZT-3 is tracked armoured recovery vehicle based on the chassis of the Russian-made main battle tank T-72. The WZT is a series of armoured recovery vehicle designed and manufactured in Poland, with the WZT-1, WZT-2 based on T-55 chassis, WZT-3, WZT-3M based on the chassis of Polish tank PT-91 and the WZT-4 based on the Malaysian main battle tank PT-91M.

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