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April 9, 2013 defense-aerospace.com

(Source: Renault Trucks Defense; issued April 9, 2013)


Renault Trucks Defense at Sofins Special Forces Show


Improvements of SAS Patrol Vehicles


VERSAILLES --- Further to the Special Operations Command and the French Procurement joint collaboration, Panhard will soon deliver kits to enhance the operational capabilities of VPS (vehicle patrols SAS).


These kits include:

-- Milan support - they can carry a missile launcher and several missiles, but also fire from the vehicle

-- Ballistic shields to improve protection of the 12.7 mm gunner

-- Camouflage screens Lacroix (Galix 13) to allow the vehicle to evade the opponent's views.


As a reminder, 51 VPS have been ordered by the DGA and delivered to the SOC troops in 2008.


New Version of the ALTV Torpedo ACMAT


On the occasion of the SOFINS show, Renault Trucks Defense presents a version of the ALTV Torpedo ACMAT. It will be exhibited during the dynamic show.


This new version receives a higher ground clearance (from 0.3 to 0.35m) and a wider approach angle (from 25° to 40°) in order to improve the land mobility.


In parallel to these new performances, the ALTV keeps its essential characteristics that made its international success in 2012. More than 60 ALTV (Torpedo models) were indeed sold last year. The ALTV is, thanks to its robustness and its large payload (1.4t), adapted to the needs of the Special Forces.


With a 190hp, the vehicle can reach speeds of 170km/h while its 1,600 km autonomy allows it to operate in isolated areas without logistic support. It can carry 3 ( 4 in option) men.


The ALTV is capable of operating on slopes up to 80%, side-slopes up to 100% and cross a ford of 0.5m. Finally, it is also able to support mine and ballistic protection kits, and is fitted for a manned operated machinegun on the roof (7.62/12.7/LG40mm/M134).


“Battlenet Inside” at the Heart of Renault Trucks Defense Vehicles


To meet the requirements of armed forces for modularity, growth potential and cost control, Renault Trucks Defense launched at Eurosatory 2012 an innovative vetronic solution called “Battlenet Inside”. All systems are now presented embedded on the Sherpa Scout at Sofins 2013.


The range of operations that modern military vehicles have to conduct is giving rise to increasing complexity: a wide variety of missions, multiple threats, interoperability with other armed forces, tactical situations that are often highly complex, and so on. Renault Trucks Defense intends to meet these new operational requirements by optimising the integration of more and more items of equipment into its combat vehicles, Sherpa Scout included. It is ideally suited for tactical missions such as scouting, patrol, convoy escort, command and liaison and is able to transport up to 4 or 5 soldiers. Connected on the vetronic network Battlefield, the Scout becomes a complete mission system whose operational effectiveness can be optimized and adapted for each type of operation.


The different elements on this Sherpa Scout are:

-- a light turret WASP that is remotely-controlled from inside the vehicle. It can be fitted with a MAG 58 7,62mm machine gun coupled to a day/infrared sight and observation scope for day or night observation (Panhard and Sagem Defense Systems Sécurité),

-- a portable, light and easy to use UAV called “SPYARROW” (Thales),

-- a reverse camera (Motec),

-- a long-distance secured VH/VHF communication system “HF3000” (Thales),

-- a night vision goggle with video display, ultra-compact and lightweight goggle (Thales),

-- a distant vehicle management called “e-soutien” to maximize materials support in operational condition (RTD).


All systems presented on this Sherpa Scout are connected on our vetronic network Battlenet Inside:

-- Video streams shared on vehicle displays

-- Head-up display of Commander’s monitor on Minie D Night Vision Goggles

-- Vehicle integrated ergonomic HMI for systems

-- Ability to receive drones video

-- Distant vehicle management with “e-soutien” application


Battlenet Inside is an innovative electronic architecture designed by Renault Trucks Defense. It is based on open, standardized and proven COTS solutions coming from IP technologies.


As an integrator, Renault Trucks Defence guarantees interfacing with mission kits, the interoperability of these kits, their ergonomics, and the new collaborative functionalities, while respecting the know-how of the suppliers concerned.


Renault Trucks Defense has decided to propose an open architecture capable of ensuring the interoperability of these items of equipment. At the same time, as this equipment is constantly changing, there is a need to be able to upgrade the complete system, without modifying its basic architecture, by selecting long-standing, open standards. Renault Trucks Defence ensures the modularity and growth potential of the systems integrated on its vehicles while significantly reducing life cycle costs.


Networking the mobility platform with these items of equipment allows new collaborative functions to be provided while enhancing the overall effectiveness of the mission system in operations, training and maintenance.


This “Battlenet Inside” is based on an Ethernet network and on all existing protocols for carrying images, video or voice. Video streams shared on vehicle displays, drones video reception as well as the “e-soutien” application, make the vehicle a mechanical, electrical, electronic and MMI host structure onto which mission kits can be integrated as modules:

-- Drone Spy Arrow

-- Remote Control Weapon Station WASP

-- Night Vision Goggle with Video Display

-- Reverse camera

-- E-Soutien

-- HF/VHF Communications



Renault Trucks Defense, a reference manufacturer for the terrestrial armed forces, designs and develops a full range of armoured vehicles, with the SHERPA. Legacy supplier to the French Army, with more than 4,000 VAB armoured personnel carriers in service, Renault Trucks Defense can claim more than 65 customer countries across the world. Armoured vehicles represent more than 60% of its activity, but it also has a truck offering geared to a very full range of military uses. Renault Trucks Defense participates in programmes with Nexter, such as the CAESAR artillery system and the VBCI infantry fighting armoured vehicle. It holds several brand names across the world, including ACMAT and Panhard.

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