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http://www.surfacewarships.com/uploadedImages/EventRedesign/UK/2011/February/19514001/Assets/SW_Logo_200x80.png http://www.surfacewarships.com/uploadedImages/EventRedesign/UK/2011/February/19514001/Assets/IQ_defense.png in association with http://www.surfacewarships.com/uploadedImages/EventRedesign/UK/2011/February/19514001/Assets/DCNS_home1.gif


Exploring the Current and Future Capabilities of Global Surface Combatant Fleets

The contemporary strategic context places a premium on surface warships. In an age of long range precision attack systems, the capacity of the Surface Combatant to engage in the three dimensional maritime battlespace has never been greater, nor has their ability to be 'network enabled'. In a highly uncertain strategic environment, the ability to use the majority of the world's surface and reach most of its population makes maritime forces those of choice for the world's main actors and their allies - and surface warships are key components of such forces. The need to police the oceans against the dual threats of terrorism and piracy also make surface warship programmes a crucial and indispensable part of the future maritime environment.


DefenceIQ’s Surface Warships Conference 2011 is designed for operators and manufacturers of above-water naval vessels with combat capability. The event will consist of programme briefings including plans and upgrade requirements for major vessels. The event will also explore the future fleet structures of major NATO militaries and the current and future capabilities required for surface combatant fleets.

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