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October 8, 2012 defpro.com


KYIV | “Perspective 2012 has proved the professionalism of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and proved their readiness to operate under changing conditions and response to any challenges,” Dmytro Salamatin, Ukrainian Defense Minister, commented the Perspective 2012 exercise.


Perspective 2012 was conducted in three phases from September 18 through October 4 according to the 2012 Plan of Combat Training and involved all military units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


The ranges of the Ukrainian Land Forces, Air Force and Navy hosted battalion, company tactical exercise, tactical exercise with air defense formations of Land Forces and Air Force, as well as tactical and special exercise with logistics units.


Dmytro Salamatin stressed that Perspective 2012 was the first practical result through the process of establishment of new armed forces, because different branches and services practiced interoperability and executed joint tasks within the prospective structure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. According to the Defense Minister, during the exercise were field tested new combat control systems C4I, personal means of digital communications and navigation, new materiel Combat, Stuhna, BTR-3, BTR-4, guided artillery system Kvitnyk, ACUs, etc.


The Ukrainian Defense Minister underlined that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had practiced landing of personnel and materiel for the first time during last 10 years. This exercise was featured by large involvement of aviation and reserve forces.


“Today our priority is to maintain high combat effectiveness of personnel, establish the compact and agile armed forces, and increase social status of militaries,” Dmytro Salamatin said.


In general, Perspective 2012 was to prepare the Ukrainian Armed Forces to execution of operative and combat tasks, raise the level of commanders’ responsibility, and shorten the preparation training period.

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