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29/11/2012 Moriya Ben-Yosef - .israeldefense.com


A new underwater protection fence by RBtec is being installed in Eastern Europe and in ports in Asia. The fence provides protection against divers and floating explosives


RBtec, an Israeli company that specializes in electronic security systems and produces perimeter defense solutions, has developed an underwater perimeter fence which is already being installed in Eastern European nuclear power stations working on cooled water. The system is also expected to be installed soon in Eastern Asian ports.


The Marinet electric fence provides protection against divers, floating explosives and more to facilities established on coastal lines and in facilities working on the basis of cooled water with very large water apertures connected to rivers or seas. “We found that there is a weakness in defending water lines,” says Ester Ribak, vice president of RBtec.


“This net is intended for protecting water passages and broad water apertures, ports or platforms. For example, with facilities working on the basis of water cooling, the water flows back and forth inside the facility and it is relatively easy to transport an explosive charge inside with the returning water.” The net is tied to floats and is stretched to the bottom, where it is anchored by weights. According to Ribak, the company has received a demand for protecting a water passage crossing a facility in Israel.


“The net incorporates steel cables coated with a plastic substance and contain detection fibers. Once there is an attempt to cut the fence, it alerts the command center of the facility it is connected to about the attempt, so there is both an electronic and physical barrier. This is an innovative and effective solution, one that is much easier to maintain than the metal grid which was common so far, and which represented only a physical barrier that could also rust."


The net, which has undergone changes and modifications as of late, is divided into panels that are connected to each other, with each panel alerting separately in the event of the sabotage to the fence. The net can be deployed over an area of several kilometers. It recently underwent tests in ports in Southeastern Asia, and its use is being examined in Israel as well.

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