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October 17, 2011 defpro.com


Washington, DC | In response to an article posted Oct. 13 regarding the safety of the Marine V-22 Osprey, we provide the following:


First, no one is more focused on the safety of the Marine V-22, or any other aircraft the Marines fly, than the Marine Corps because we know that those aircraft are flown by our Marines and carry our Marines and other Coalition personnel into combat.


Second, the Marine Corps’ aviation safety records and standards are publicly available at the Naval Safety Center website. The mishap rate that the Marine Corps has used publicly for the MV-22 follows Naval Safety Center standards that are applied universally across all type/model/series in the Navy and Marine Corps inventory. Those records bear out that the MV-22 has the lowest Class A flight mishap rate of any tactical rotorcraft in the Marine Corps fleet over the last 10 years.>


Third, regarding the way mishaps are categorized. Just because it doesn't fall under the classification of "Flight Mishap" doesn't mean it isn't taken very seriously. An aviation mishap will be categorized as "Flight," "Flight-related," or "Ground" based upon flight, intent for flight, etc. Just because it falls under Flight Related or Ground doesn't mean it isn't investigated or counted.


Fourth, the Marine Corps does not include CV-22 mishap rates when talking about the V-22 Osprey because we are the Marine Corps, not the Air Force. Not all answers regarding the V-22 Osprey are solidified in the Marine Corps.


Fifth, the fact is, that since the Osprey was redesigned, the Marine Corps has not had a crash similar to the ones it experienced over a decade ago in which we lost pilots and crew – the MV-22 is now saving lives, not taking them.

Since achieving IOC in 2007 the MV-22 has made 3 deployments to Iraq, 4 deployments with Marine Expeditionary Units, and is currently on the fourth deployment to Afghanistan. During those deployments it has flown over 18,000 hours in combat, carried over 129,000 personnel and over 5.7 million pounds of cargo.


The MV-22 Osprey has proven to be effective and reliable. It has changed the way the Marine Corps operates on the battlefield, giving American and Coalition forces the maneuver advantage and operational capabilities unmatched by any other tactical aircraft.

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