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17 November 2011 by the Shephard News Team


Vision Systems International (VSI) has been awarded two additional phases in the development of the helmet mounted display system (HMDS) for the F-35.   According to a company statement, the contract, issued by Lockheed Martin Aerospace, will enable VSI to enhance the F-35 HMDS currently in production for the 5th generation Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.


According to VSI, the team began work to mitigate display jitter affecting the display symbology, enhance the helmet system's night-vision performance capabilities, and incorporate the latest digital imaging sensor capabilities into the HMDS to improve night vision performance in March of 2011. Additionally, VSI has modified the current magnetic receiver unit (MRU) contained in the pilot's HMDS to detect both seat and aircraft vibration frequencies and filter them out in both the hardware and software contained in the HMDS display processor.


To further enhance night-vision performance capabilities, VSI is incorporating ‘new digital night-vision sensors in both the fixed camera mounted in the cockpit and the helmet camera with the pilot's helmet mounted display (HMD)’. The resulting images will be sharper and more viewable at extremely low light levels, the company says.

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