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27 août 2013 2 27 /08 /août /2013 11:25
Brazil and Turkey Create Groups to Study Defense Development Projects

Joint development of a fifth-generation fighter, and production in Brazil of Turkey’s T-129 gunship, are just two of the defense cooperation efforts that Brazil and Turkey have agreed to explore. (TAI photo)


Aug. 23, 2013 defense-aerospace.com

(Source: Brazil Ministry of Defence; issued Aug. 22, 2013)

(Issued in Portuguese only; edited unofficial translation by defense-aerospace.com)


ANKARA --- Brazil and Turkey will strengthen bilateral cooperation in defense through the creation of five working groups to study partnerships in the naval, aeronautics, space, command and control and cyber defense fields.


The decision is the result of an official trip this week by Defense Minister Celso Amorim,


Over three days, Amorim and his entourage met with Turkish political, military and corporate executives in Ankara. The decision to create working groups was taken after talks between Amorim and the Minister of National Defence of Turkey, Ismet Yilmaz.


The groups will consist of civil and military representatives of both governments, and should also count on the participation of defense manufacturers from both countries. In the coming weeks, it is expected that dates should be agreed for inaugural technical meetings, which take place in Brazil and Turkey before the end of this year.


Defense cooperation with Turkey is based on the central idea that the two countries -- nations with similar levels of development, with no conflicts of interest and pursuing increasing participation in the international arena -- have much to gain from the development of common projects, both economically and strategically. "Our relationship has already achieved the status of strategic partnership. The defense industry of my country has carried out major projects and we are ready to cooperate," Ismet Yilmaz told Amorim during a meeting at the Defense Ministry in Ankara.


Joint projects


In the naval area, the teams will study the feasibility of exchanging information and the possible joint development of escort ships, like frigates and corvettes. Turkey has designed and built a corvette whose requirements and characteristics are of interest to Brazil. Brazil also has a local corvette design that served as the basis for the construction of a new class of Navy corvettes, the Barroso. This group will also discuss possible cooperation in fields such as sensors electronic warfare.


The aeronautics group will focus on aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) projects. Turkey has undertaken military attack helicopter and UAV projects using nationally-developed avionics, and also has experience in integrating and manufacturing parts and components of civil and military aircraft. Brazil, for its part, is also developing UAVs and, through Embraer, has extensive experience in the manufacture of both civil and military aircraft.


The idea is to discuss partnership opportunities in this segment, essentially for dual-use (civil and military) aircraft, including negotiations on Turkey’s plan, now in initial development, to develop a 5th-generation fighter. In this field, one of the possibilities to be studied is the assembly of Turkish helicopters in Brazil and of Brazilian aircraft in Turkey.


The space group will address the possibility of cooperation on launch systems and satellite (sensing and communications). Command and control will have a central focus on military communications (with possible civilian applications), through a technology called Software Defined Radio (SDR). Brazil is interested in developing this technology, which will, among other things, provide significant gains for direct communications between the Brazilian armed forces, thereby improving their performance, for example, in military operations.


The fifth group will address the area of cyber defense, based on the experience gained so far by the military forces of the two nations. Brazil will send a delegation to attend the International Cyber Warfare and Security that Turkey will organize in November in Ankara.


Other partnerships


Besides the creation of working groups, the two defense ministers also agreed to strengthen partnerships in other areas of defense. Amorim and Yilmaz, who was in Brazil on an official visit last year, agreed to increase cross-enrollment in military schools, so as to foster exchanges between officers and enlisted men of the two nations. "I consider it very important to strengthen this cooperation," said the Turkish minister.


Also discussed was the possibility of opening new spaces in courses in peacekeeping operations and combating terrorism, an area where Turkish forces have extensive experience.


Celso Amorim also held important meetings with some of the leading Turkish political leaders.




The Brazilian delegation included, among others, general officers of the Department of Defense Products (Seprod), the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces (EMCFA) and Navy of Brazil, General Aderico Mattioli, Brigadier Nilson Carminati and Admiral Antonio Carlos Frade Carneiro.

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