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1 octobre 2013 2 01 /10 /octobre /2013 07:20
Cost of F-35A Model – $113 Million Each

September 30, 2013. David Pugliese - Defence Watch


The Pentagon on Friday awarded Lockheed Martin and the F-35 team two contracts worth about US$7 billion, for 71 more F-35 fighter jets. For the US Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy and the air forces of Norway, Italy, Australia, and the UK, according to the Defense Update news site.


The Pentagon’s F-35 program office said the cost of each F-35 conventional takeoff A-model jet would drop to $98 million in LRIP 7, excluding the engine, from $103 million in LRIP 6. It marks the first time the price of the jet will have dipped below $100 million. The U.S. government buys the engines directly from Pratt & Whitney, a unit of United Technologies Corp., under a separate contract. Lockheed and the Pentagon announced an agreement in principle for the next 71 jets on July 30.


Full story here


But as Al Williams, former ADM Materiel point out……there is also this…….”Note the $98 million excludes the cost of the engine (approximately $15 million). Therefore total is $113 million.” Headline has been changed.

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