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27 septembre 2013 5 27 /09 /septembre /2013 12:40
New generation fuse manufactured by the Research Institute of Electronic Devices

27.09.2013 Rostec.ru


A new fuse for Strela air defence missile has been developed in Novosibirsk

New generation fuse manufactured by the Research Institute of Electronic Devices


Engineers at Novosibirsk Research Institute of Electronic Devices NIIEP have developed a new generation optical proximity fuse for Strela an improved surface-to-air system employed by Russia’s land forces.


The latest fuse has been commissioned by Mechanical Engineering Technologies, a commercial company.


“The optical proximity fuse has been successfully ground tested. It has been proved that this type of fuse is distinguished by its excellent specifications”, said Svetlana Drozdova, NIIEP’s representative.


NIIEP’s engineers don’t yet disclose the specifications of this product. Although the manufacture of the new fuse has not yet been started, there are already a number of contracts in respect of exporting this kind of weapon.


The optical proximity fuse responds to heat emitted by a target. The fuse blows up the warhead when it approaches a target or destroys the warhead when it misses a target. The fuse consists of an electro-optical module that has a radiant energy receiver which gives an all-round view of the missile. The fuse is powered by a voltaic cell.


The surface-to-air system Strela which is intended for hitting military aircrafts and helicopters flying at a low altitude in intense optical jamming conditions was put into service in 1989. Currently this system is being considerably upgraded.


The Research Institute of Electronic Devices (NIIEP) is part of the commercial company called Mechanical Engineering Technologies (NPK Tekhmash). NIIEP is a developer and a manufacturer of computing devices and control systems for different types of weapons. NIIEP’s devices are installed in such engagement systems as Iskander, Tor, Grad, Smerch and others.


Mechanical Engineering Technologies (NPK Tekhmash) was founded by a state-run corporation Rostec in 2011. It is a holding company trading in ammunition and special chemicals. The director general of the holding company is Sergey Nikolayevich Rusakov.

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