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24 avril 2013 3 24 /04 /avril /2013 12:40
Russia's Mock Attack on Sweden Criticized in Europe

24/04/2013 by Victoria Knowles - Armed Forces International Reporter


Poland has alleged that Russia caused "unnecessary alarm" in Europe following a mock attack on Sweden by Russia aircraft.


Polish foreign minister, Radek Sikorski, said yesterday that contact has been made with the secretary general of Nato in regards to the incident which involved a pair of Russian bombers, with nuclear weapon carriage capabilities, as well as two fighter planes. These aircraft bordered the territorial waters of Sweden by 24 miles.


"It involved a neutral country but also a country that is our close partner in defence," Mr Sikorski said. "These incidents cause unnecessary alarm in 


Mr Sikorski's allegations also transpired as Belarusian and Russian forces executed military operations on the east border of Poland, and Moscow declared plans to situate air force planes in Belarus.


Russia Mock Attack on Sweden


The manoeuvres by Russia have reawakened memories of the Cold War in eastern Europe, however the Russian capital noted that rising numbers of Military hardware affiliated with Nato has been proceeding towards the country's borders.


Occurring on March 29, Good Friday, the simulated strike on Sweden transformed into a cause of humiliation for the country's administration as it transpired that no aircraft or pilots were ready to impede due to the holiday.


The fictitious targets for the exercise were two of Sweden's most significant military bases.


Finally, two Danish planes, situated in Lithuania on Nato duty, were scrambled in order to observe Russia's flight.


Russia reportedly informed Sweden ahead of the exercise about the maneuvers.


Social Democrat MP and head of Sweden's parliamentary committee on defence, Peter Hultqvist informed the TT news agency that the dysfunction of Sweden's preparedness was extremely serious.


He asserted that the country should be ready at any day during the year, and said the bombing exercise against targets in Sweden reminded him of the Cold War.


"This confirms our image that Russia means business when it comes to raising its military capacity."


Back in January, Sweden's chief of staff, General Sverker Goranson initiated debate after describing his country as not lasting 48 hours if Russia were to attack.


But Green Party and Defence Committee member, Peter Rådberg, said Sweden is not at threat, because if Russia really did attack, the results would be devastating for them.

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