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vedettes de type Dvora photo Tsahal

vedettes de type Dvora photo Tsahal

9/6/2013 IsraelDefense


A wide-scale naval exercise was carried out by vessels from the Israeli Navy Squadron 916, simulating scenarios involving fishing boats loaded with explosives


Several days ago, a large-scale exercise was carried out by Dvora-class fast patrol boats from the Israeli Navy's Squadron 916, simulating a scenario of "suicide vessels" where fishing ships loaded with explosives attempt to destroy naval vessels.


This squadron is responsible, among other things, for ongoing security patrols in the Gaza Strip's naval area, which is laden with fishing boats. The exercise, conducted on an annual basis and in cooperation with the Snapir port security unit, is part of a wider exercise with the involvement of special forces, missile boats and helicopters.


During the exercise, three fishing boats sail at high speed towards a Dvora in an effort to damage it, as crewmembers run to the deck wearing protective vests and man weapon posts. The Dvora accelerates to top speed and calls of 'fire' are repeated until the three small vessels halt.


Training of this scope is carried out once a year, but the vessels undergo similar but smaller exercises roughly once a month. During the exercise, a drill was also carried out for establishing contact with a helicopter flying above the vessel and guiding it to an attack target, as well as naval refueling of a Dvora vessel with a missile boat, while maintaining safe distance between the vessels.

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