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23 février 2014 7 23 /02 /février /2014 12:40
Russian Defense Ministry Unveils $9B UAV Program

Russia will test the Yabhon United 40 UAV, manufactured by Adcom Systems of the United Arab Emirates. (Adcom Systems)


Feb. 19, 2014 - By JAROSLAW ADAMOWSKI – Defense News


Russia will test the Yabhon United 40 UAV, manufactured by Adcom Systems of the United Arab Emirates.


WARSAW — Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has announced a program to spend about 320 billion rubles (US $9 billion) by 2020 on military UAVs, according to local news agency ITAR-TASS.


Under the plan, the new drones will boost the reconnaissance, communications and combat capacities of the Russian armed forces, according to the minister. Shoigu did not disclose the number of UAVs to be acquired. Presently, the Russian military operates a fleet of nearly 500 drones, the minister said.


The latest move follows last year’s announcement by Russian President Vladimir Putin that UAVs are a vital area of development in modern aviation, and that Russia needs to develop a wide range of drones, including combat and reconnaissance variants.


The Russian military is set to test the Yabhon United 40 medium-altitude, long-endurance UAV built by the United Arab Emirates’ Adcom Systems.


Other foreign-based companies to supply drones to Russia include Israel Aerospace Industries, which delivered 12 UAVs to the military under a deal inked in 2009.

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5 décembre 2013 4 05 /12 /décembre /2013 08:40
United 40 version-block-5 photo ADCOM Systems

United 40 version-block-5 photo ADCOM Systems


Dec. 4, 2013 defense-unmanned.com

(Source: RIA Novosti; published Dec. 3, 2013)


Russia to Test UAE-Made Drone Next Year


MOSCOW/DUBAI --- Russia’s armed forces will conduct test flights of a drone aircraft from the United Arab Emirates early next year, the manufacturer said.


The unmanned United 40 Block 5 long-range reconnaissance vehicle will be tested to assess whether it meets the military’s operational needs. The medium-altitude drone can stay airborne for more than 100 hours and can also be equipped with Namrod air-to-surface guided missiles.


Ali Al Dhaheri, chief executive and chief designer at the manufacturer, ADCOM Systems, said that the first drone would be delivered to Russia in February. A preliminary agreement had been reached to sell more test vehicles to the armed forces, depending on the results of the first flights.


The United 40 Block 5 made its international debut flight at this year’s MAKS air show near Moscow. Military expert Denis Fedutinov told RIA Novosti that ADCOM Systems had shown “great interest in the Russian market”.


“If this system satisfies the requirements of the Russian military, it can be expected that...the original purchase will be followed by a contract for deployment,” said Fedutinov.


Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu said in June that aerial drones being developed in Russia for the military were inferior to similar foreign models. Russia purchased 12 drones from Israel Aerospace Systems in Israel in 2009 in a $53 million that attracted a lot of criticism at the time.


The United 40 Block 5 is 11 meters (36.5 feet) long and has two sets of wings with a span of 17.53 meters (53ft), according to the manufacturer’s specifications. It can fly to a height of 8,000 meters (26,000ft) and has a cruising speed of 120-200 kilometers per hour.


The drone can carry a payload of up to 100 kilograms (220 pounds) under each of its four wings.


Russia’s military began to seek out advanced reconnaissance systems following the brief conflict with neighboring Georgia in August 2008, when the effectiveness of ground operations was severely hampered by a lack of reliable intelligence.


Various experts have estimated that Russia’s armed forces need up to 100 unmanned drone aircraft and at least 10 guidance and control systems to ensure effective battlefield reconnaissance.

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25 juillet 2013 4 25 /07 /juillet /2013 16:30
photo ADCOM Systems

photo ADCOM Systems

MOSCOU, 17 juillet - RIA Novosti


Le ministère russe de la Défense envisage d'acheter deux drones aux Emirats arabes unis, a confié à RIA Novosti une source au sein de l'industrie de l'armement.


"Il s'agit au moins de deux appareils United 40, version Block 5, conçus par ADCOM Systems", a indiqué l'interlocuteur de l'agence.


Selon les informations fournies par cette société basée à Abou Dhabi, l'United 40 (version Block 5) possède un fuselage en S muni d'ailes en tandem. Il est équipé de deux moteurs à hélice installés sur des pylônes au-dessous des ailes avant.


Le drone peut voler à 9.000 d'altitude, et son autonomie dépasse les 100 heures.


L'appareil possède un radar et un système optoélectronique de surveillance. Ses quatre points de suspension situés sous les ailes arrières lui permette en outre d'accueillir des missiles téléguidés air-surface Yabhon-Namrod conçus par ADCOM.


Un expert russe en matière d'appareils sans pilotes, Denis Fedoutinov, a déclaré à RIA Novosti que la Russie était le premier pays du monde à commander des drones United 40.


"Ce système n'a jusqu'à présent été livré à aucun client, ni étranger ni émirati. Dans sa version actuelle, le drone a été présenté pour la première fois au Salon d'armements IDEX en février 2013 à Abou Dhabi. Il a effectué son premier vol d'essai en mars dernier", a indiqué l'expert.


Selon le Centre russe d'analyse du commerce mondial d'armes, aux termes d'un contrat signé en avril 2009 entre Israël et la Russie, l'Etat hébreu a livré deux drones Bird Eye-400 (pour un montant de 4 millions de dollars), huit drones I-View Mk150 (pour 37 millions de dollars) et deux drones Searcher Mk.2 (12 millions de dollars).


En mars dernier, le conglomérat public russe Oboronprom a signé avec le groupe israélien IAI un contrat de 400 millions de dollars prévoyant la mise en place en Russie d'une usine d'assemblage de drones Bird Eye et Searcher.

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13 novembre 2011 7 13 /11 /novembre /2011 20:10



13.11.2011 By: Greg Waldron – Flight Global


UAE firm Adcom Systems is displaying a full-sized mock-up of a medium altitude long endurance UAV called the United 40 in the static park.


An illustration at the Adcom stand, however, labels what appears to be an identical aircraft the Yabhon-Smart Eye 2. The single-engine, single-tailed turboprop aircraft has a dramatic s-curve in the middle fuselage and full-sized wings both forward and aft.


Adcom has flown a similar, but smaller, UAV called the Yabhon-Smart Eye 1 that is believed to be a technology demonstrator.


According to a placard with the United 40 mock-up, the aircraft has a maximum take-off weight of 1,000kg (1,257lb), with its dual wings providing a total lifting area of 24.3m. The United 40 will have an endurance of 25h, a ceiling of 23,000ft, and can carry four 100kg pods on its wings.


    All the latest news, video and images from the 2011 Dubai air show

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2 mars 2011 3 02 /03 /mars /2011 00:23
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