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15 septembre 2015 2 15 /09 /septembre /2015 16:50
First Test Flight of the L-39NG Trainer photo Aero Vodochody

First Test Flight of the L-39NG Trainer photo Aero Vodochody


2015/09/15 AIRheads/EH


In the Czech Republic, the Aero Vodochody L-39NG performed its first flight on Monday 14 September. The flight was successful, the company said. The aircraft will serve to validate the installation of the new Williams International FJ44-4M engine and avionics in the L-39NG project.


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First Test Flight of the L-39NG Trainer photo Aero Vodochody

First Test Flight of the L-39NG Trainer photo Aero Vodochody

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9 avril 2014 3 09 /04 /avril /2014 07:30
Iraq Buys 12 Mothballed L-159s from Czech AF


April 7, 2014 defense-aerospace.com

(Source: Xinhua; published April 8, 2014)


Iraq to Buy 12 Mothballed L-159s from Czech Military


Representatives from Iraqi Defense Ministry have signed a purchase contract with Aero Vodochody on buying 12 mothballed L-159 combat planes from the Czech military on Sunday.


Penta Investments that owns Aero Vodochody confirmed the news on Monday.


The mothballed L-159s should be delivered to Iraq by September 2014 at a cost of 200 million U.S. dollars, said Martin Danko, spokesman for Penta Investments.


Former Czech chief-of-staff Jiri Sedivy said that Iraq needs combat aircraft for the training of pilots who would later fly U.S. F-16 fighter jets.


Iraq showed interest in the new Czech combat aircraft for the first time in 2012, when it signed a preliminary agreement with the then Czech Defense Minister Alexandr Vondra on buying 28 L-159s.


The Czech Defense Ministry's spokesman Jan Pejsek said that the Ministry has not yet officially received information on the signing of the contract between Aero and Iraqi officials.


Czech military bought 72 L-159s with only one third of them in use. The military has been trying to sell the redundant L-159s for several years.

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6 mai 2011 5 06 /05 /mai /2011 22:30
AERO Vodochody supplied the 30th centre wing box for C-27J Spartan

The C-27J Spartan tactical military cargo aircraft. (Photo: Alenia Aeronautica)


May 6, 2011defpro.com


AERO Vodochody delivered at a small ceremony the 30th complete center wing box for the C-27J Spartan tactical military cargo aircraft at the presence of the top representatives from the Italian company Alenia Aeronautica.


AERO Vodochody participates in the production of the C-27J Spartan military transport aircraft since 2006 and manufactures the complete center wing box ready for installation on the aircraft. AERO Vodochody is the only manufacturer and supplier of this key construction unit for the aircraft C-27J Spartan.


The C-27J Spartan is tactical military cargo aircraft, featuring great operation flexibility and low operation costs. The aircraft is used for a wide range of missions from cargo transportation to logistic support of military units and airborne unit transportation as well as for special services, e.g. naval and electronic surveillance, search and rescue operations, firefighting, etc. Its military unit transportation version offers transportation capacity of 62 soldiers or 42 paratroopers, while the cargo version can carry a load of up to 11,500 kg, two APCs, three howitzers, a middle-sized helicopter or various cargo on standard pallets.


The C-27J serves the militaries in Italy, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Morocco and the USA. In 2007, the C-27J Spartan won a US government tender for the Joint Cargo Aircraft for the US Armed Forces. Under the contract, a total of 38 C-27J Spartans will be delivered to the US Army and US Air Force by the year 2013.

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