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9 juillet 2014 3 09 /07 /juillet /2014 07:45
Aerostar Completes Overhaul and Upgrade of Mozambique AF MiG-21 Fighters


Jul 8, 2014 ASDNews Source : Aerostar S.A.


Aerostar S.A – the leading Romanian aerospace company – has announced the completion of an overhaul and upgrade programme for eight MiG-21 fighters for the Mozambique Air Force.


The contract under which this work was carried out was a complex package which also included the overhaul of an L-39 jet trainer and a full training programme for ground staff and pilots.


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15 octobre 2013 2 15 /10 /octobre /2013 20:12
Renseignement - Industriels et militaires en forum à Saumur

15/10/2013 Economie et technologie


Industriels et militaires se sont réunis, début octobre 2013, aux écoles militaires de Saumur (EMS), pour le 9e forum du renseignement. Le centre d'enseignement et d'étude du renseignement de l'armée de Terre (CEERAT) organise tous les 2 ans cette rencontre, l'occasion de découvrir l'évolution des technologies mises au service du renseignement opérationnel. Si les industriels sont venus apporter leur expertise en la matière, c’est pour bénéficier en retour d’un précieux savoir-faire militaire… l’expérience du terrain ! Matériel éprouvé au combat, un « label » recherché, qui fait désormais référence chez les industriels.

14 oct. 2013  Armée de Terre


Aux écoles de Saumur, le CEERAT (centre d'enseignement et d'étude du renseignement de l'armée de Terre) organise tous les 2 ans un forum qui donne l'occasion de découvrir l'évolution des technologies mises au service du renseignement opérationnel. Cette 9e édition a pour thématique ; " L'armée de terre est déployée en zone sahélienne : quelles conséquences pour le renseignement et quels sont les défis posés aux capacités de recherche ? "

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17 septembre 2013 2 17 /09 /septembre /2013 12:35
Aerostar UAV (Photo Aeronautics)

Aerostar UAV (Photo Aeronautics)

Sept. 16, 2013 by Arie Egozi – FG


Tel Aviv - Israeli unmanned air systems manufacturer Aeronautics has sealed a deal with an undisclosed southeast Asian country for the supply of its Aerostar tactical UAS.


The contract value exceeds $20 million, says Aeronautics, and covers both unmanned air vehicles and ground control stations.


The defence company says the system will be integrated into the command and control infrastructure of the client’s air force.


This is the second time Aeronautics has won a contract with the unnamed Asian country, it says, with the previous project having recently completed its successful implementation.

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13 juin 2013 4 13 /06 /juin /2013 11:20
Raven Aerostar system deployed onboard HSV-2 Swift vessel. Photo Raven Industries, Inc.

Raven Aerostar system deployed onboard HSV-2 Swift vessel. Photo Raven Industries, Inc.

12 June 2013 naval-technology.com


Raven Aerostar has successfully deployed a turnkey maritime persistent surveillance solution to meet an urgent operational requirement needed to support US Southern Command's effort to boost surveillance in the Carribean Sea, following completion of trials.


Deployed aboard the US Navy's HSV-2 Swift (HSV-2) chartered high-speed vessel, the surveillance solution comprised Raven Aerostar Tethered aerostat system integrated with Vista smart sensing radar system, General Dynamics electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) camera, and data link.


During the month-long testing, the Aerostar aerostat system flew at 2,000ft above ground level (AGL) without any changes to the sea frame from the HSV-2, while providing increased detection, recognition and identification capabilities.


Raven Aerostar programme manager Craig Laws said that the aerostat has validated its ability to support critical operations even in rough seas and strong winds during flight operation trials.


The Joint Interagency Task Force South has shared the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) data gathered by the Raven Aerostar solution and the Puma unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) onboard the ship.


"The HSV-2 pulled the aerostat over 3,000nm during the course of downrange operations, topping out at a ship speed of 28k," Laws said.


Raven Aerostar president Lon Stroschein added: "Our team was excited to prove the aerostat, a perceived 'old' technology, can provide cost-effective, mission enhancing, maritime capabilities when integrated with high-performance sensors like the Vista radar and General Dynamics camera."


US Naval Forces CN programme manager/unmanned aircraft systems commander Ted J Venable said: "By incorporating this system on a moving vessel, it provided a broad picture of the surface and air traffic around the HSV SWIFT.


"The entire team of participants in this effort gained valuable experience and developed procedures to apply to future deployments."

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