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9 juillet 2014 3 09 /07 /juillet /2014 11:40
Air defence missile system S-400 being fired photo Dmitry Rogulin ITAR-TASS

Air defence missile system S-400 being fired photo Dmitry Rogulin ITAR-TASS


Jul 08, 2014 brahmand.com


MOSCOW (BNS): Russia has successfully carried out test launch of a long-range interceptor missile which will be part of a new fifth generation air defence system S-500, according to a news report.


Russian news agency Itar-Tass quoting a source in the Defence and Industrial Complex, said the test launches were conducted in late June.


"All goals and tasks set within this event were fulfilled completely," the source was quoted as saying.


As part of Russia's defence modernisation programme through 2020, Joint Stock Company Almaz-Antey is developing a new generation air defence missile system S-500.


The surface-to-air missile system is designed for intercepting intercontinental ballistic missiles and for defence against airborne early warning and control, airborne warning and control system, and jamming aircraft.


The S-500 is being developed to surpass air defence missile system S-400 Triumf currently in combat service and its US rival - a defence missile system RAS-3, reports said.

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7 avril 2014 1 07 /04 /avril /2014 11:40
Russie: un nouveau système de DCA testé près de Saint-Pétersbourg



MOSCOU, 7 avril - RIA Novosti


Les tests d'un nouveau système russe de surveillance de l'espace aérien ont eu lieu dans l'aéroport de Poulkovo, près de Saint-Pétersbourg, a annoncé lundi lors d'une conférence de presse un représentant du groupe Almaz-Antey, principal constructeur russe des systèmes de défense antiaérienne.


"Le consortium Almaz-Anteï a mené à bien avec succès tous les tests d'Etat du système de surveillance de l'espace aérien multipostion à spectre étendu +Mera+", a indiqué la source.


D'après le concepteur, le système en question peut servir de source d'informations précises sur la situation aérienne dans les zones inaccessibles pour les radars. Ce système permettra de renoncer aux radars ARSR et d'améliorer la couverture radar. En outre, Mera est plus attirant de point de vue du coût. 


"Le système de surveillance de l'espace aérien Mera fournit non seulement des informations exhaustives et précises sur les appareils aériens, mais garantit un travail sûr et sans failles", a conclu la source.

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18 novembre 2013 1 18 /11 /novembre /2013 08:40
Tor-M2 image Yuriy Lapitskiy

Tor-M2 image Yuriy Lapitskiy


15/11/2013 by Paul Fiddian - Armed Forces International's Lead Reporter


Russian defence firm Almaz-Antey has upgraded the Tor-M2 air defence system to give it increased range, higher precision and the ability to carry more weapons.


Now equipped with 9M331 surface to air missiles, the redeveloped Tor-M2E was put through its paces last month, as a company representative explained.


"We can say now that a unique air defense system in its class with an astounding precision and range has been created", Almaz-Antey's R&D head, Sergei Druzin, told news agency RIA Novosti. "Its performance surpasses all planned parameters."


He continued: "We carried out five launches targeting highly manoeuvrable drones. Three of the targets were hit head-on, while the other two were destroyed by shrapnel from exploding warheads. It is an excellent result, astounding precision."


Tor Air Defence System


The Tor air defence system has been in service since 1986. An all-weather capable surface to air missile launch platform, it is designed to counter aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, precision-guided bombs, cruise missiles and other airborne threats.


A large number of upgraded models have been developed from the original Tor, namely the Tor-M, Tor-M1, Tor-M1T, Tor-M2, Tor-MTA and Tor-MTB. Various Tor versions are in service with numerous nations, including Egypt, Iran, Venezuela, Cyprus, China and Russia itself. Presently, Tor-M1 and Tor-M2s equip the Russian Army. These are armed with 9M331 missiles but it's the more capable 9M338s that have been involved in the Tor upgrade missile launch trials.


Upgraded Tor-M2


According to Druzin, the upgraded Tor-M2s and 9M331 missiles are now approved to enter series production. "We can now start producing these missiles in quantities that would meet the demand of the Russian army", he confirmed.


Next to come for the Tor air defence system is a firepower upgrade, allowing it to launch a constant missile stream. "The [mobile] launcher currently stops for two or three seconds to launch a missile, but it could be done on a move, without stopping", Druzin concluded.

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28 août 2013 3 28 /08 /août /2013 07:40
Almaz-Antey Unveils S-350E Vityaz Air Defense System

The S-350E Vityaz launcher carries 12 missiles in vertical-launch pods. These launchers can carry a variant of the 9M96 active radar homing missile, as well as shorter range missile is likely to be a variant of the 9M100 enabling the system to effectively engage air-breathing or ballistic missile targets at ranges of 30-120 kilometers. Photo: Bill Sweetman, Aviation Week


August 27, 2013 defense-update.com


The Russian company Almaz Antey introduced today the newest air defense system from Russia, the S-350E . The new system was displayed today for the first time in public at the MAKS 2013 airshow. The photos on this page were posted by Bill Sweetman of Aviation Week. “S-350 Vityaz is a highly mobile system, smaller than the S-400, but using that system’s 9M96E2 missile” sweetman posted in the Ares blog. The system is carried in three modules – the 50K6E command post, the 50N6E radar (photo below) and the 12-round 50P6E launcher (shown above). A single command post can control two radars and up to eight launchers, and engage up to 16 aircraft or 12 missiles at a time.

The Vityaz (50R6) system developed by Almaz-Antey is expected to replace the earliest variants of the S-300 family, namely S-300PS and PMU PS-1A to be phased out of service by 2015. Early deployment of Vityraz systems could begin next year, if testing proceeds as planned. The S-350 was unveiled in June 2013 at the company’s Obukhov State Plant in St. Petersburg and. According to Almaz Antey president, Vladislav Menshikov, the new system is expected to be ready for testing in the fall of 2013.

The system boasts advanced all-aspect phased array radar, a new mobile command post and a launcher carrying 12 vertical-launch missiles, which will use a variant of the 9M96 active radar homing missile. Similar missiles are used by the S-400, the newer generation of the S-300, which is currently being deployed in Russia and offered for export.

A unique feature introduced with Vityaz launchers is the capability fire short-range missiles, in addition to the medium-long range capability of the 9M96. The shorter range missile is likely to be a variant of the 9M100. According to some analysts, the range of the new system will likely be 30-120km. According to these analysts, the system would evolve to offer air defense with some limited tactical anti-missile capabilities. Moscow aims to create a multi-layered grid to cover Russia’s airspace, defending against threats ranging from drones, to conventional manned aircraft, to cruise and ballistic missiles. Such system could employ S-500, S-400, S-300E, as well as the shorter-range Pantsir systems.

The S-350E is based partially on the design of the South Korean KM-SAM Chun Koong system which Almaz-Antey helped designed. The Russian company developed three radar units for the KM-SAM, and is also believed to have helped the Korean missile manufacturer design the MK-SAM effectors. The Russian military closely followed the Korean development and in 2007 decided to back the development of a Russian derivative that eventually evolved into the Vityraz system.

The Russian MOD plans to buy at least 30 Vityaz systems before 2020, following the completion of the developmental testing.

Almaz-Antey Unveils S-350E Vityaz Air Defense System

The mobile 50N6E radar is part of the S-350E Vityaz air defense system. The S-350E is based partially on the design of the South Korean KM-SAM Chun Koong. Photo: Bill Sweetman, Aviation Week

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