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11 novembre 2015 3 11 /11 /novembre /2015 17:50
Rheinmetall Wins New Order for Tank Ammunition Worth Around EUR20 M


10.11.2015 Rheinmetall


An international customer has awarded Rheinmetall a contract to supply it with practice tank ammunition. Now official, the order is worth around €20 million.


The DM78A1 and DM78A3 subcalibre practice ammunition will be delivered in two lots between 2016 and 2018.


The 120mm x 570 DM78 round is based on an innovative acceleration and replacement techology that enables an especially economical design. In addition, the DM78 is safe to fire in all the same climatic zones as the DM63 KE service round. The DM78’s very low pressure level results in negligible erosion, fostering extremely long barrel life. Moreover, the round can be used at any tank firing range that meets the safety standards required for its predecessors, the DM38 family and the DM48.


This new order underscores once again Rheinmetall’s clear technological lead in the field of large-calibre weapon systems and ammunition.

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16 octobre 2015 5 16 /10 /octobre /2015 06:20
NAMMO Receives 1st Delivery Order for SMAW Ammunition Contract


Oct 14, 2015 ASDNews Source : Nammo AS


The US Army Single Manager for Conventional Ammunition (SMCA) based at Picatinny Arsenal New Jersey, announced the first award on the USMC Shoulder launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon (SMAW) Ammunition Contract worth over MUSD 42.7. Nammo was awarded Delivery Order 1 by the SMCA to provide SMAW Common Practice Rocket (CPR) ammunition to the US Marine Corps.  This is the first delivery order against the 5 year contract which has potential for deliveries of three types of 83mm SMAW Ammunition.

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13 octobre 2015 2 13 /10 /octobre /2015 16:20
Sailors replace 20mm dummy ammunition, left, with tunsten 20mm rounds on a Phalanx weapon. Photo by PH1 Tina M. Ackerman/ U.S. Navy

Sailors replace 20mm dummy ammunition, left, with tunsten 20mm rounds on a Phalanx weapon. Photo by PH1 Tina M. Ackerman/ U.S. Navy


DULLES, Va., Oct. 12 By Richard Tomkins   (UPI)


Orbital ATK is producing medium- and large-caliber ammunition under multiple U.S. Army contracts.


Orbital ATK is to produces medium- and large-caliber ammunition for the U.S. military and allied nations under a U.S. Army contracts worth $105 million. The orders from the U.S. Army Project Manager Maneuver Ammunition Systems are for 20mm, 25mm and 30mm tactical and target practice ammunition for air, sea and land weapons platforms and 120mm tactical and training ammunition for the Abrams Main Battle Tank. "We are committed to being the partner of choice for the production and development of ammunition for a wide variety of combat systems," said Dan Olson, vice president and general manager of Orbital ATK's Armament Systems Division of the Defense Systems Group. "Our contributions to the soldier are to provide a continuous supply of ammunition for training and tactical use, and to develop ammunition that provides a distinct combat advantage for those defending their nation's security."

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2 mars 2015 1 02 /03 /mars /2015 12:30
Gendarmerie officer arrested in MİT truck case (Feb. 26)


Feb 26 2015 trdefence.com (Daily Sabah)


On Thursday, Turkish Gendarmerie officer, who tipped off the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) trucks for allegedly carrying ammunition inside Syria, has been arrested.


According to the statement by the public prosecutor of Adana, the noncommissioned officer identified only by the initials H.A. faces charges of “obtaining and revealing information that was supposed to be kept secret for the safety of the state.”


The trucks were stopped by gendarmerie teams in Turkey’s southeastern province of Hatay on January 1, 2014 despite a national security law forbidding such acts.


The Turkish Interior Ministry had said the trucks were carrying humanitarian aid for the Turkmen community in Syria.


The prosecutor and security officers who ordered the stopping of the trucks were later removed from their posts.

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10 septembre 2014 3 10 /09 /septembre /2014 16:30
UK gifts arms and ammunition to Kurdish regional government


9 September 2014 Ministry of Defence


UK provides further support to Kurdish regional forces battling ISIL insurgents in northern Iraq.


At the request of the government of Iraq to provide urgent military support, the UK will supply heavy machine guns and nearly half-a-million rounds of ammunition. This will give the Kurdish Peshmerga forces additional firepower in order to help them defend the front line, protect civilians and push back ISIL advances.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:

ISIL militants are guilty of shocking brutality. So I am pleased that we will supply weapons to the Kurdish forces who are at the front line of combating their violent extremism.

We have already provided body armour and other protective equipment as well as ammunition from our partners; these weapons will help the Kurdish forces in taking the fight to these barbaric terrorists.

The UK is committed to assisting the government of Iraq by alleviating the humanitarian suffering of those Iraqis targeted by ISIL terrorists; promoting an inclusive, sovereign and democratic Iraq that can push back on ISIL advances and restore stability and security across the country.

The RAF continues to transport military equipment and ammunition on behalf of other countries as well as providing UK non-lethal military equipment including body armour, helmets and ration packs. Today a flight flew into Erbil in northern Iraq carrying the latest support package.

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14 août 2014 4 14 /08 /août /2014 16:45
PMP expanding product portfolio


14 August 2014 by Guy Martin - defenceWeb


Ammunition manufacturer Pretoria Metal Pressings (PMP) is diversifying its product range, manufacturing Russian calibre ammunition and investing in research and development, such as polymer bullet casings and less than lethal ammunition.


PMP recently concluded an agreement with US company PolyCase on the manufacture of heavy metal free ammunition and polymer cartridge cases, which are lighter and much cheaper than conventional brass. PMP is also conducting its own research into these areas and aims to double its research and development efforts in the next two years as it keeps abreast of technology and increases its portfolio and turnover.


Some of the research and development projects PMP is involved with deal with programmable fuses, heavy metal-free primary explosives and incorporating 3D printing in components and manufacturing processes.


PMP is collaborating with a number of institutions on research and development, such as the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Armscor and various local universities. PMP is looking at a number of new areas, including less than lethal ammunition, and is exploring collaboration with various small arms and ammunition manufacturers such as Brugger and Thomet (B&T) on less than lethal ammunition production (Denel is marketing some of B&T’s small arms). Phaladi Petje, CEO of PMP, said that less than lethal ammunition was needed for the local security clusters in South Africa.


Petje noted that the 2012 Defence Review calls for the support of the South African National Defence Force and the consolidation of sovereign capabilities within South Africa. As a result, the company is trying to be sure it can localise some technologies that are critical to the defence force.


Part of the process of expanding the product portfolio and finding new markets involves being competitive and for this reason PMP is embarking on a massive machinery improvement programme worth R400 million over the next five years. This will see new machinery bought and older machinery upgraded and improved. The plant renewal process has begun, with some systems set to come on line in the next two to three years.


PMP aims to double its turnover to more than R1 billion over the next five years as it increases its presence in Africa and meets the needs of the local market. As part of its strategy of expanding into Africa, PMP recently made the decision to begin manufacturing Russian 7.62 x 39 mm ammunition for the AK-47 series of assault rifles and their generics. At the moment the company is ready to produce and deliver this type of ammunition and has sent out quotations to interested customers. It is also nearly ready to deliver 23 mm Russian calibre cannon ammunition. Petje told defenceWeb that there are requirements for the 23 mm ammunition and PMP is in discussions with clients for a ‘substantial amount’. He added that PMP has been having successes supplying ammunition to some countries in Africa.


“We realised that to penetrate the African market, we need products to complement their systems,” Petje said of the decision to manufacture Russian calibre ammunition, as a significant number of African countries use Russian rather than Western ammunition and military equipment.


As a state-owned company, PMP exists primarily to serve South Africa’s needs first. “We exist to meet the SANDF’s requirements and have an obligation to add to the national development objectives,” Petje said. In addition to supplying the South African National Defence Force with various calibres of ammunition, PMP also disposes of old ammunition stocks and recovers the copper, which is used in other applications, but the company is exploring the possibility of ammunition disposal on the rest of the continent.


PMP is currently producing 30 x 173 mm ammunition for the 30 mm GI30 CamGun of the Badger infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) being built for the South African Army. The company is busy qualifying the 30 x 173 mm CamGun ammunition for the Bushmaster cannon, which is extremely popular throughout the world and therefore a good export prospect. Petje said PMP would hopefully soon be having a foreign sale involving this type of ammunition.


PMP also developed the 20 x 42 mm ammunition for the shoulder-fired Neopup weapon. The ammunition is ready for production.


Since Swartklip ceased manufacturing .22 Long ammunition some years ago, there has been no local production of this type of ammunition and this is something PMP may consider as there is lots of demand. “It is in our thoughts,” Petje said, noting that the company receives many requests for quotes for such ammunition.


Some 40-55% of local manufacture is exported but in a good year Petje said PMP can export up to 60%. This year he expects the company to export 55-60% of its turnover. For the first time in many years PMP has a good order book – normally at this time of year he said the company has around 55% order coverage but at the moment it is sitting on 100%. “Next year is exciting,” Petje said, in terms of both orders and partnerships, with a ‘significant’ order pipeline.


One third of PMP’s turnover goes towards non-military business, such as chemicals for the mining industry, blasting fuses for mines and brass strip for industry. As PMP increases its turnover, it is expecting to sell mining drill bits outside South Africa, which is currently its main market for drill bits.


PMP makes ejection seat cartridges under license from Martin Baker and supports the ejection seats of the Hawk Lead-In Fighter-Trainer and Gripen fighter jet of the South African Air Force. The company also supplies different power cartridges e.g. fire extinguisher cartridges, bomb release cartridges, etc. for some international clients.

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11 août 2014 1 11 /08 /août /2014 16:45
Rheinmetall and Pindad sign Indonesia ammunition deal


11 August 2014 by defenceWeb


Rheinmetall Denel Munition (RDM) has signed a memorandum of understanding with PT Pindad to produce ammunition ranging from 30 to 105 mm for the Indonesian military as well as export customers.

The agreement was signed in the Indonesia capital Jakarta on August 7, local media reported. The agreement will see RDM and Pindad form a joint venture in 2015 to construct a 168 hectare facility in Malang, East Java, to manufacture ammunition.


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9 juillet 2014 3 09 /07 /juillet /2014 11:50
EDA signs a framework agreement to provide Carl-Gustaf ammunition for its Member States


Brussels - 08 July, 2014 European Defence Agzncy

The European Defence Agency (EDA) and Saab Dynamics AB have signed a multi-annual framework agreement for the provision of different types of ammunition for the ‘Carl-Gustaf’ recoilless anti-tank weapon. 


The framework agreement will last five years and includes a possible renewal of two more years, with an estimated value of up to € 50 million. The agreement was finalised on 30 June 2014.

The framework agreement comes under a procurement arrangement between EDA and Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, and Poland, agreed on 23 April 2013. Under this arrangement EDA acts as the central purchasing body, taking the leading role in the procurement procedure for Carl-Gustaf ammunition in the framework of EDA’s Effective Procurement Methods (EPM) initiative. EDA will also be in charge of managing the framework contract to fully exploit the effects of pooling demand.

This case presents useful opportunities for pooling of demand due to the communalities of the ammunition. Common procurement was seen as the best option by contributing Member States to benefit from economies of scale, cost reductions, and efficiency in spending. This solution allows contributing Member States to purchase ammunition according to their national needs while coping with different budget cycles. The agreement also allows other EDA Member States to join the initiative at a later stage.


More Information

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10 avril 2014 4 10 /04 /avril /2014 07:20
ATK source firetrench

ATK source firetrench


Apr 9, 2014 ASDNews Source : Alliant Tech Systems, Inc (ATK)


    ATK Will Deliver Ammunition and Ammunition Services to U.S. Allies


ATK (NYSE:  ATK), a world-leading producer of ammunition, precision weapons and rocket motors, announced today that it has received international contracts from U.S. allies totaling $186 million for ammunition that spans multiple calibers as well as ammunition services that will increase allied defense capabilities.


"Partnering with our allies to help maintain their defense capabilities aligns directly with our core business competencies and international growth strategies," said Mike Kahn, Senior Vice President and President ATK Defense Group. "ATK is uniquely positioned within the defense industry to deliver these products and services, given the company's expertise in design and manufacturing of a wide variety of military munitions."


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8 janvier 2014 3 08 /01 /janvier /2014 12:30
IMI’s new RAZOR CORE Cartridge. Image: IMI

IMI’s new RAZOR CORE Cartridge. Image: IMI


January 8, 2014 by Tamir Eshel - defense-update.com


Israel Military Industries (IMI) has announced the release of a new 5.56mm cartridge dubbed ‘Razor Core’, optimized for higher performance. According Israel to Shmilovitz, IMI Vice President and Managing Director of IMI’s Yitzhak small-caliber ammunition division, the new cartridge is designed to achieve higher accuracy, effective stopping power at extended range of up to 600 meters.


Shmilovitz said this performance level makes the Razor Core attractive for special operations. “The Razor Core provides outstanding performance, while remaining at a very competitive price” Shmilovitz commented the new cartridge is already in production, and has been combat proven with an undisclosed customer. According to IMI the Razor Core cartridge is designed for military and law enforcement applications but, its accuracy and affordability make it suitable for commercial and sport shooting as well.


IMI’s small caliber ammunition division is recognized by the Israel Ministry of Defense as the prime supplier of small-caliber ammunition to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The division manufactures a complete range of ammunition, from 5.56mm to 0.5″ (12.7mm), including a wide range of armor-piercing, sniping and training ammunition. IMI’s 5.56mm BALL NATO and 9mm BALL NATO cartridges are both NATO qualified.

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26 novembre 2013 2 26 /11 /novembre /2013 12:50
News Digest November 2013 - European Defence Agency

Issue 9 - 26 November 2013 EU Defence Agency


Defence Ministers Commit to Capability ProgrammesDefence Ministers Commit to Capability Programmes

At the meeting of the European Defence Agency’s Steering Board on 19 November 2013, Defence Ministers committed to the launch of four programmes and their associated roadmaps in order to address critical shortfalls identified in recent operations. Increased cooperation in the areas of Air-to-Air Refuelling (AAR), Remotely Piloted Aircraft ...


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EDA Launches Streamlined StructureEDA Launches Streamlined Structure

The European Defence Agency (EDA) will have a new structure in place as of 1 January 2014 better to support Member States in a rapidly evolving environment. The Agency will be organised in three operational directorates: Cooperation Planning & Support; Capability, Armaments & Technology; and European Synergies & Innovation. This will...


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Your Work Will Be ReadYour Work Will Be Read

Sven Biscop, Director of the Europe in the World Programme at the Egmont Institute in Brussels and jury chair of EDA-Egmont PhD Prize in Security, Defence and Strategy explains here below the aim of this prize and why young academics should hurry to send in their work. Deadline for submissions is 1 December 2013. What is the aim of the EDA-Egmo...


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Harmonising Ammunition Qualification: Endorsement of Test Centres Harmonising Ammunition Qualification: Endorsement of Test Centres

Endorsement of Test Centres is one of the short term actions in the Harmonisation of Ammunition Qualification Roadmap, which the European Defence Agency (EDA) presented to the Member States earlier this year.  On 14-16 October 2013, EDA organised the first test centre visit to TNO in the Netherlands, with the support of the Dutch Ministry o...


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12 septembre 2013 4 12 /09 /septembre /2013 11:35
New 40mm Ammunition for Australia

Sep 12, 2013 ASDNews Source : ST Kinetics


Australian Munitions and Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd (ST Kinetics) have signed an agreement to cooperate in Australia and New Zealand for the development, manufacturing and marketing of ST Kinetics’ world-leading 40mm low velocity, extended range, and air bursting ammunition.


The two companies will focus on making new 40mm capabilities available to the Australian Department of Defence and establishing supply from within Australia. They will also look to introduce an innovative supply chain approach which includes reciprocation of supply.


ST Kinetics designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of 40mm weapons and ammunition, Fire Control Units and ammunition as systems, and has an unrivalled pedigree in this essential battlefield capability. Its innovative 40mm ammunition solutions also include air bursting, camera surveillance and even self-destruct rounds. The company’s 40mm ammunition is currently in service with a number of ABCA (American, British, Canadian, Australian) countries.

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24 mai 2013 5 24 /05 /mai /2013 12:50
ENNSA Second Annual Report
Brussels | May 16, 2013 European Defence Agency

ENNSA, the European Network of National Safety Authorities on Ammunition, presents in its second annual report the key activities of 2012 and their outcome. 

The network was particularly active in the EDA's work regarding the harmonisation of ammunition qualification roadmap, demilitarisation and the Precision Guided Ammunition Roadmap. 


For more information, download the report here

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24 avril 2013 3 24 /04 /avril /2013 14:41
From left to right: Dr. Artis Pabriks (Minister of Defence, Latvia), Claude-France Arnould (Chief Executive, European Defence Agency),  Juozas Olekas (Minister of National Defence, Lithuania) and Sven Sakkov (Undersecretary for Defence Policy, Estonia) during the signature ceremony on 23 April 2013.  photo The Council of the European Union

From left to right: Dr. Artis Pabriks (Minister of Defence, Latvia), Claude-France Arnould (Chief Executive, European Defence Agency), Juozas Olekas (Minister of National Defence, Lithuania) and Sven Sakkov (Undersecretary for Defence Policy, Estonia) during the signature ceremony on 23 April 2013. photo The Council of the European Union

Luxembourg | Apr 23, 2013 European Defence Agency


Dr. Artis Pabriks, Latvian Minister of Defence, Juozas Olekas, Lithuanian Minister of National Defence, and Sven Sakkov, Estonian Undersecretary for Defence Policy today signed the EDA joint procurement arrangement for different types of Carl Gustav recoilless anti-tank and multi-purpose ammunition. The multi-annual framework contract which is facilitated through the Agency’s Effective Procurement Methods (EPM) initiative has an estimated value of up to € 50 million. While the arrangement has for now been signed by Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, other Member States have already expressed interest to join the initiative at a later stage.


The joint procurement arrangement governs the rights and responsibilities of contributing Member States and EDA. While the countries buy through the Agency, EDA acts as a central purchasing body and pools and consolidates demand. The signature of the framework contract is foreseen by the end of the year.


The European Defence Agency has previously successfully conducted several Effective Procurement Method cases including one on the Counter-IED exercise European Guardian held in Austria, covering instructors’ services and expertise; and another one on Basic Logistics Services for the 2012 EU Battle Group for three Member States: Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany with a total value of €228 million. Potential savings yielded by shared procurement of military equipment and services lie between 20 to 50 per cent.


More information:
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