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13 octobre 2015 2 13 /10 /octobre /2015 07:20
Marines load ammunition into an Abrams tank. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. John M. McCall.

Marines load ammunition into an Abrams tank. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. John M. McCall.

Marines load ammunition into an Abrams tank. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. John M. McCall.


DULLES, Va., Oct. 9 By Richard Tomkins (UPI)


Orbital is to develop a new 120mm multi-purpose round for tanks under a first-phase development contract from the U.S. Army.


Next-generation, multi-purpose 120 millimeter ammunition is to be developed for U.S. Abrams tanks by Orbital ATK. The U.S. Army contract for first-phase development work is worth $16 million. "Our ammunition innovations like advanced kinetic energy penetrators and airbursting munitions are providing combat overmatch for our warfighters -- which is our company's mission," said Dan Olson, vice president and general manager for Orbital ATK's Armament Systems division, of the Defense Systems Group. "Our ability to innovate comes from a long history of creating new capabilities for existing systems through our expertise in fuzing, warheads and platform integration." Orbital ATK said the 120mm Advanced Multi-Purpose, XM1147 High Explosive Multi-Purpose with Tracer cartridge will replace four existing rounds, including those for defeating armor and breaching reinforced walls.

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12 mars 2015 4 12 /03 /mars /2015 08:50
Diehl and Orbital ATK Cooperate on AARGM in Germany


March 11th, 2015 By Diehl BGT Defence - defencetalk.com


Diehl Defence signed an exclusive teaming agreement with the US company Orbital ATK on marketing and manufacturing the Advanced Anti-Radar Guided Missile (AARGM) in Germany.


AARGM is the most advanced anti-radar missile available. It is based on tactically significant improvements to the High Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM). AARGM provides the legacy HARMs with a new guidance unit featuring GPS as well as an upgraded anti-radiation homing (ARH) antenna and digital signal processor. AARGM is also equipped with a millimeter wave end game terminal seeker providing substantially improved guidance solutions in the GPS-denied environments.


AARGM, with the international designation AGM-88E, is currently being integrated and qualified in the Italian TORNADO weapon system. This creates favourable prerequisites for economical operation in Germany. Apart from Italy, the missile, having been in production since 2012, is currently being procured by the United States Navy and the Royal Australia Air Force.


In case the AAGRM is procured by the Bundeswehr, the agreement between Diehl and Orbital ATK provides for the transfer of essential workshares to Germany covering production and service during operative use.


Diehl already participated in the production of the HARM guided missile currently in the German Air Force´s inventory. Moreover, Diehl took part in studies and development programs aimed at improving the guidance section.


By cooperating with Orbital ATK, Diehl is supporting the procurement of modern equipment, available on the market, for the Bundeswehr.

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12 mars 2015 4 12 /03 /mars /2015 08:20
credits : Orbital ATK

credits : Orbital ATK


11 March 2015 army-technology.com


Orbital ATK has been awarded a contract to supply additional precision guidance kits (PGKs) to the US Army for 155mm artillery systems.


Under the terms of the $120m agreement, the company will be responsible for the production, lot acceptance testing and delivery of guidance fuses for the US and select allied forces.


PGK is a guidance fuse designed to fit within the fuse well of 155mm high-explosive artillery projectiles and can transform existing, conventional artillery projectiles into precision weapons that significantly reduce dispersion to 30m or less, enabling accurate targeting.


Orbital ATK Defense Systems Group Armament Systems division vice-president and general manager Dan Olson said: "This contract signing marks another significant milestone for the PGK programme.


"Fielding PGK for use with existing artillery projectiles provides soldiers with a distinct battlefield advantage, by greatly reducing the inherent dispersion associated with conventional artillery.


"As a proven and qualified technology, the next step is growing PGK into future precision applications for either existing or new direct and indirect-fire weapons systems."


The kit features a fixed-canard guidance and control approach with gun-hardened electronics and a self-generated power supply, and also incorporates a fail safe option, which prevents PGK-equipped artillery from detonating if it fails to get close enough to the target.


The kit was supplied to the US military for training and tactical operations in Afghanistan through an urgent release in March 2013.


PGK programme management, systems integration and production is overseen by Orbital ATK Defense Systems Group's Armament Systems division in Plymouth, Minnesota, US.


Deliveries are scheduled to start next year, without a production break from low-rate initial production, which started in January.

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17 décembre 2014 3 17 /12 /décembre /2014 17:50
Small bombs, big effect: arming small UAVs with guided weapons

The Textron Fury is a modified Thales UK Lightweight Multirole Missile and features the same warhead and state-of-the-art Selex ES semi-active laser. Image Textron.



17 December 2014 airforce-technology.com


The use of small, lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) on the battlefield has surged over recent years. Fitted with advanced sensors and cameras, the UAVs have proved a cost-effective way of providing vital intelligence to troops on the ground. Revolutionary technology could also mean that, for the first time, these tactical UAVs pack a punch with mini precision-guided weapons.


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13 août 2014 3 13 /08 /août /2014 16:20
AARGM Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile - photo ATK

AARGM Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile - photo ATK


Aug 11, 2014 ASDNews Source : Alliant Tech Systems, Inc (ATK)


ATK, a world leader in precision-guided weapons, missile products and rocket motors, has been awarded a contract valued at $96.2 million by the U.S. Navy for the third full-rate production lot of the Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile (AARGM). The contract covers AARGM and Captive Air Training Missiles for the U.S. Navy and Italian Air Force.

"AARGM continues to provide significant advanced capabilities to those who protect our nation each and every day," said Bill Kasting, vice president and general manager of ATK's Defense Electronic Systems division. "We look forward to continuing to provide this critical weapons system on schedule and on budget to the U.S. Navy and our allies."


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18 juillet 2014 5 18 /07 /juillet /2014 07:50
ATK and Alenia Aermacchi Successfully Complete Testing on Italian AF C-27J with Roll-On/Roll-Off Palletized Gun Systems


Jul 16, 2014 ASDNews Source : Alliant Tech Systems, Inc (ATK)


ATK (NYSE: ATK), announced that the ATK and Finmeccanica-Alenia Aermacchi have successfully completed the first phase of ground and flight testing of the fully configured multi-mission MC-27J tactical transport aircraft with the support of the Italian Air Force (ITAF). The series of tests exceeded all test objectives and demonstrated the accuracy of ATK's side-mounted GAU-23 30mm cannon.

ATK and Alenia have completed phase one of ground and flight testing for the MC-27J.


The ITAF MC-27J aircraft was modified with an L-3 Wescam MX-15Di Electro-Optical and Infrared Turret mounted under the nose of the aircraft to support multi-mission applications such as a Gunship, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance(ISR) and Search and Rescue (SAR) missions; various radio and data links and ATK's Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO) palletized gun and mission control systems.


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18 juin 2014 3 18 /06 /juin /2014 07:30
Jordan to expand gunship fleet with C295 conversion


June 17, 2014 by Craig Hoyle - FG


Jordan is to modify one of its Airbus Defence & Space-produced C295 medium transports as a gunship, with the adapted platform to join two recently-delivered AC235s in air force service.


Airbus on 17 June announced it is to work on the programme with Jordan’s King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau and US contractor ATK, which were responsible for the conversion of a pair of CN235s handed over to Jordan earlier this year. The European airframer provided technical support during the previous project.


“A C295 operated by the Royal Jordanian Air Force will be converted to [a] gunship by ATK,” Airbus says. The service has two of the medium transports in service, with Flightglobal’s Ascend Online database recording these as having been built in 2003.


Plans call for the larger model to be equipped with onboard mission and fire control systems, an electro-optical/infrared sensor, a synthetic aperture radar payload and a defensive aids system for self-protection. Armaments will include an ATK-supplied 30mm sideways-firing chain gun, Lockheed Martin AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-surface missiles and 70mm guided rockets. BAE Systems was recently selected to supply its Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System to meet the latter requirement for the AC235.


Antonio Rodríguez Barberán, head of commercial at Airbus’s Military Aircraft unit – who earlier this month said a customer announcement was expected “soon” – describes the future C295 gunship as “a cost-effective and powerful addition to the Jordan armed forces”.


Airbus lists potential duties for an armed C295 as including providing close air support for special forces personnel, plus target acquisition, armed reconnaissance and combat search and rescue.

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17 juin 2014 2 17 /06 /juin /2014 16:56
Le VBCI équipé de la tourelle Oto Melara avec canon de 30mm. Photo Frédéric Lert.

Le VBCI équipé de la tourelle Oto Melara avec canon de 30mm. Photo Frédéric Lert.


17 juin, 2014 Frédéric Lert (FOB)


Pour répondre aux clients potentiels export, Nexter présente deux nouveaux véhicules sur son stand. Le premier est une évolution de son VBCI équipé de la tourelle téléopérée Oto Melara accueillant le canon Mk44 d’ATK en 30mm et une mitrailleuse coaxiale de 7,62mm. Le canon ATK est équipé d’une double alimentation permettant de choisir entre deux types de munitions. Le deuxième VBCI exposé rassemble différentes évolutions issues des dernières compétitions internationales et opex. Les unes comme les autres apportant leur lot de remarques, suggestions et parfois critiques… On retiendra par exemple sur ce VBCI que le dernier essieu est directionnel pour réduire le rayon de braquage.

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10 juin 2014 2 10 /06 /juin /2014 07:20
 source firetrench

source firetrench


ARLINGTON, Va., June 9, 2014 /PRNewswire


ATK (NYSE: ATK) will highlight a variety of advanced capabilities and products as an exhibitor during Eurosatory 2014. The land and air-land defense and security international exhibition takes place at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Centre, June 16 -20, 2014. The ATK display is located in Hall 5, Stand B522. 


ATK will highlight multiple current and next generation products at Eurosatory 2014 that support the armed forces of the U.S. and allied nations. These include precision guidance for artillery and mortars; advanced ammunition for main battle tanks; small-caliber ammunition; non-standard (non-NATO) ammunition and weapons; a complete line of medium-caliber ammunition for air, land and sea weapon platforms – including air bursting munitions; the XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement system; 30mm and 40mm configurations of the Mk44 Stretch Bushmaster® automatic cannon; and the recently reintroduced coaxial-mounted Mk52 chain gun by ATK.


Also available will be descriptions of ATK's gunship offerings, which deliver customized, innovative capabilities including precision weapons and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance to allied nations.

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5 décembre 2013 4 05 /12 /décembre /2013 08:30
ATK Completes First Flight Test of its Light Gunship for Kingdom of Jordan


ARLINGTON, Va., Dec. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire


Modifications Completed for Jordan's King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) CASA-235 Military Transport Aircraft


ATK (NYSE: ATK), a leader in weaponized, special-mission aircraft, announced it has completed the first flight test for the Kingdom of Jordan's two CASA-235 light gunship aircraft. ATK was awarded a contract by King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) of the Kingdom of Jordan to modify two of the country's CASA-235 transport aircraft into highly-capable and cost-effective special mission aircraft.


With modifications and ground testing complete, ATK began the flight test program to validate the installed weapons and gun system. Upon successful completion of the test program, the aircraft will be delivered to the Kingdom of Jordan to support the mission of the Jordanian Armed Forces.


"We are pleased that KADDB has selected ATK to provide this unprecedented capability to the Jordanian Armed Forces," said Bill Kasting, vice president and general manager of ATK's Defense Electronic Systems division. "This program will provide the Kingdom of Jordan with the first multi-mission gunship capability in the region. The start of the flight test is a major milestone achievement by the ATK and KADDB team."


In collaboration with KADDB, ATK developed and provided the system integration and aircraft modifications to turn a CASA-235 cargo plane into a multi-mission gunship. These modifications include installation of an electro-optical targeting systems, a laser designator, aircraft self-protection equipment, a synthetic aperture radar, and an armaments capability that can provide sustained and precise firepower in a variety of scenarios using Hellfire laser-guided missiles, 2.75-inch rockets, and a side-mounted M230 link-fed 30mm chain gun. The gun is automatically aligned to the target, cued by a camera in conjunction with the mission management and fire control solution. These capabilities are integrated with and controlled by ATK's Mission System, which provides both day and night reconnaissance and fire control capabilities, and the ability to acquire, monitor and track items of interest.


The gunship capability package is part of ATK's Special Mission Aircraft product portfolio, which provides affordable, responsive and advanced capabilities to customer-preferred platforms. ATK's expertise includes outfitting various aircraft – including the Alenia C-27J, CASA CN-235/295, Lockheed C-130, Bombardier Dash-8, Hawker Beechcraft King Air, Cessna Caravan and others – with integrated intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and weapons employment capabilities.



The King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) was established by Royal Decree on August 24, 1999 to provide an indigenous capability for the supply of independent, high quality, efficient and cost-effective scientific and technical services to the Jordan Armed Forces (JAF). KADDB is an independent government entity within the JAF that acts as the Jordanian research and development facility created to provide a one-stop solution for the supply of defence and commercial equipment. KADDB aims at harnessing science and technology to fulfil Jordan's defence needs and, in the process, assist the nation in creating a sustainable defence industrial base. News and information can be found on the Internet at www.KADDB.com.


About ATK

ATK Defense Group is an industry leader in providing innovative and affordable ammunition, precision and strike weapons, electronic warfare systems, and missile components across air-, sea-, and land-based systems.


ATK is an aerospace, defense, and commercial products company with operations in 22 states, Puerto Rico, and internationally. News and information can be found on the Internet at www.atk.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/atk, or on Twitter @ATK.

CN-235 Royal Jordanian Air Force

CN-235 Royal Jordanian Air Force

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27 novembre 2013 3 27 /11 /novembre /2013 17:20
Roll-on/roll-off weapons system for MC-27J


ARLINGTON, Va., Nov. 26 (UPI)


Alenia Aermacchi's U.S. partner for weaponizing the C-27J airlifter has given details of the armaments the aircraft will carry and how it will carry them.


ATK said the MC-27J variant will be equipped with its GAU-23 Bushmaster 30mm cannon configured for firing from the side of the plane. The gun uses a simple, automatic feed system and fires a variety of NATO 30mm rounds.


The weapon system will be mounted on a roll-on/roll-off pallet for quick mounting and removal from MC-27J via the plane's rear ramp, allowing for quick reconfiguration of the aircraft for other missions, including command and control through pallet-mounted sensors and communications equipment.


The aircraft can also be used for transporting troops and cargo.


The first customer for the MC-27J is the Italian Air Force, which will use the aircraft for its special forces, which will deploy the plane in an operational theater next spring.


"The selection of the MC-27J by the Italian Air Force and the fielding of this aircraft recognize the significant capability we have teamed to provide," said Mike Kahn, president of the ATK Defense Group. "Our partnership with Alenia Aermacchi on the MC-27J will give the Italian Air Force an adaptable, agile and affordable multi-mission solution."


The base C-27J is a twin-engine turboprop transport with a cruise speed of 362 mph, a ceiling of 30,000 feet and a range of more than 1,000 miles with a payload of 22,000 pounds.

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25 novembre 2013 1 25 /11 /novembre /2013 12:50
Italian Air Force To Launch Gunship C-27J


November 17, 2013 By Anthony Osborne aviationweek.com


The Italian air force (AMI) is expected to sign a deal to convert several of its C-27J Spartan tactical transports into gunships at the Dubai Air Show on Monday.


Aviation Week ShowNews understands that six of the air arm’s 12 C-27Js will be converted into the MC-27J gunship variant, currently under development by manufacturer AleniaAermacchi, ATK and Selex ES. The aircraft are expected to be assigned to support Italian Special Forces units.


The deal makes the AMI the launch customer for the program, which has also garnered interest from other C-27 operators. It also makes Italy the first European country to operate a gunship of this kind.


Three of the aircraft will undergo the full conversion program while the other three will be configured to take the system when required. The deal is expected to include development, evaluation, certification and logistic support for the aircraft. A single prototype, separate from the MC-27J demonstrator, will be used to test the systems.


The MC-27J makes use of palletized systems. The mission control system and the gun are self-powered and fit snugly into the cargo hold with no need to plug them into the aircraft power systems. On the ground, the pallets can simply be plugged into mains power to re-charge the batteries. The companies have set a time limit of four hours to role and de-role the aircraft from its gunship configuration back into the C-27J’s standard transport role but engineers have been able to do it in a quarter of that time.



The company is also expected to announce the results of a second phase of testing which integrates ATK’s ScatheView mission system with an electro-optical sensor and the electronically traversable ATK-produced 30mm GAU-23 cannon, which is fired from the port-side paratroop door. The company has already completed Phase 1 of the program, which saw a series of firing trials being flown in partnership with the USAF over the Gulf of Mexico in April.



A third phase of integration will add the capability to carry and launch precision-guided weapons. The munitions could include the Raytheon AGM-175 Griffin or the Northrop Grumman GBU-44 Viper Strike. These are likely to be soft-fired either by opening the ramp and ejecting the weapons out the back of the aircraft or potentially dropped through a series of launch tubes cut out of the cargo loading ramp. The gun pallet currently carries around 500 rounds of ammunition with gunners generally firing a burst of eight rounds when engaging targets.

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21 novembre 2013 4 21 /11 /novembre /2013 08:50
ATK, Alenia to Integrate C-27J Palletized Gun

November 19, 2013 defense-aerospace.com

(Source: ATK; issued November 19, 2013)


ATK and Alenia Aermacchi Earn Contract from the Italian Air Force for Roll-On/Roll-Off Palletized Gun and Command and Control Systems


ARLINGTON, Va. --- ATK announced that the Alenia/ATK team has been notified by the Italian Air Force they have been selected for the integration of the Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO), palletized Command and Control, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C2-ISR) and gun systems onto the Italian Air Force (ITAF) MC-27J multi-mission aircraft. The award represents an important contract for the partnership between ATK and Alenia Aermacchi.


The MC-27J is a modified C-27J Spartan Airlifter that allows customers to execute a wide range of missions including armed gunship, airborne C2-ISR, border surveillance, troop and vehicle transport, personnel evacuation and paratrooper deployment. The MC-27J provides quick transfer speed, long operational range and ample cargo capacity. It is also capable of taking off from and landing on short and/or unprepared strips while acting as an autonomous command and control center integrated with a ground command network.


"The selection of the MC-27J by the Italian Air Force and the fielding of this aircraft recognize the significant capability we have teamed to provide," said Mike Kahn, president of the ATK Defense Group. "Our partnership with Alenia Aermacchi on the MC-27J will give the Italian Air Force an adaptable, agile and affordable multi-mission solution."


"The MC-27J is a strategic development program for Alenia Aermacchi and our partner ATK that we believe is well matched to the current and future asymmetric warfare Air Forces' requirements," said Giuseppe Giordo, Chief Executive Officer of Alenia Aermacchi. "To have been selected by the Italian Air Force and committed to deploying the first aircraft in the operational theatre next spring is a clear confirmation of the MC-27J's capabilities and the industrial development completed to date."


Use of ATK's self-contained RORO mission and weapons systems allow rapid configuration change depending on mission requirements. They are designed for easy embarkation and disembarkation via the aircraft's rear ramp, permitting flexibility in the use of the unaltered aircraft. The suite of sensors and communication system coupled with multiple data links allows the Command and Control pallet to provide improved mission oversight and coordination.


The gun system incorporates ATK's GAU-23 30mm cannon in a side-firing configuration, and is designed to fire numerous types of NATO 30MM X 173 rounds, including the 30MM PGU-46/B munitions. The gun suite will use a simple, automatic feed system in order to minimize crew size and reduce overall operating costs.


ATK and Alenia Aermacchi announced their intent to jointly develop and market the MC-27J multi-mission aircraft at the 2012 Farnborough Air Show. The internally funded test and development program successfully completed its first phase in the spring of 2013. The Italian Air Force is the launch customer for the program.



ATK is an aerospace, defense, and commercial products company with operations in 22 states, Puerto Rico, and internationally.


Alenia Aermacchi, a Finmeccanica company, is global leader in the design, development, production and integrated support of commercial and military aircraft, trainers, unmanned aerial vehicles and aerostructures.

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13 novembre 2013 3 13 /11 /novembre /2013 12:20
ATK Awarded Contract to Produce DSU-33D/B Sensor for USAF



Nov 12, 2013 ASDNews Source : Alliant Tech Systems, Inc


    ATK's Sensor Provides Precision Detonation

    ATK has Produced Sensor for U.S. Military Since 1999


ATK (NYSE: ATK), a leading producer of ammunition, precision weapons and rocket motors, has been awarded a production contract for the DSU-33D/B Proximity Sensor for the U.S. Air Force. The ATK sensor uses radar signals to determine the correct height above a target for precise warhead detonation and maximum effect.


The initial order under the contract is valued at $22.8 million, with deliveries commencing in 2015. The contract also contains provisions for four optional order periods totaling up to $84 million. The U.S. Army's Contracting Center at Rock Island, Ill., issued the award to ATK as the prime contractor.


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13 novembre 2013 3 13 /11 /novembre /2013 08:20
ATK Receives Orders for Small-Caliber Ammunition


Nov 11, 2013 ASDNews Source : Alliant Tech Systems, Inc (ATK)


    Under New Production Contract at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant

    Orders Total Approximately $387 Million


ATK has received orders for approximately $387 million for small-caliber rifle ammunition to be produced at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant. The orders fall under the plant's new production contract, which began Oct. 1, 2013, and include a mix of 5.56mm, 7.62mm and .50-caliber high-quality military ammunition.


In 2012, the U.S. Army Contracting Command, Rock Island (ACC-RI) selected ATK to continue production of small-caliber ammunition and operation and maintenance of the Independence, Mo., plant under new contracts. The contracts initially cover the next seven years through FY19, with a potential award term for a total contract term of up to 10 years.


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18 septembre 2013 3 18 /09 /septembre /2013 12:20
ATK Delivers 100th AARGM Production Missile

Sep 17, 2013 ASDNews Source : Alliant Tech Systems, Inc


In August, ATK’s Defense Electronic Systems hosted a ceremony commemorating the delivery of the 100th production AARGM missile to the U.S. Navy. The event was held in ATK’s Ridgecrest, CA facility and was attended by approximately 70 distinguished guests including elected officials, community leaders, employees and industry partners, with Gordon Turner, Vice President Strike Weapons, emceeing the event.


Speakers included Bill Kasting, Vice President and General Manager of DES, Scott O’Neil, Naval Air Warfare Center-Weapons Division Executive Director,  Rear Admiral Mathias Winter, Program Executive Officer for Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons, and 23rd Congressional District U.S. Representative Kevin McCarthy, the House Majority Whip.


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20 juin 2013 4 20 /06 /juin /2013 11:50
L'avion présenté au Bourget est celui qui a participé aux essais du système de mission. photo RP Defense

L'avion présenté au Bourget est celui qui a participé aux essais du système de mission. photo RP Defense

19/06/2013 Par Guillaume Steuer - air-cosmos.com


C'est le petit "gunship" qui monte : Alenia Aermacchi et ATK, partenaires sur le programme d'avion multi-mission MC-27J, ont profité du salon du Bourget pour exposer l'appareil ayant servi à mener la première phase d'un programme d'essais visant à démontrer la faisabilité d'un "kit de combat" qui peut être rapidement installé sur palette dans le soute du bimoteur de transport C-27J.


Une première phase d'essais autofinancés s'est ainsi achevée au premier semestre 2013. Menés aux Etats-Unis, ceux-ci ont d'abord permis de démontrer qu'il était possible d'installer en un peu plus d'une heure le kit palettisable, composé d'un canon de 30mm dérivé du célèbre GAU-23, d'un boule optronique jour/nuit fournie par Flir Systems et d'une station de contrôle opérateur.


ATK et Alenia ont ensuite conduit des essais de tir du canon afin de valider la bonne séparation des obus et la précision de l'armement. Dans la configuration actuelle, le canon est fixe et sa ligne de visée est asservie au capteur optronique installé sur l'avion.


En novembre prochain, les deux industriels devraient entamer (toujours sur fonds propres) une deuxième phase de réduction de risques. Celle-ci devrait permettre de valider un système de visée plus évolué, dans lequel le canon sera mobile. Une troisième phase est également envisagée, et elle porterait entre autres sur l'intégration d'un armement guidé de précision qui serait tiré depuis la rampe arrière. Mais ATK et Alenia disent espérer bénéficier du soutien d'un client pour financer ces évolutions.


Le programme MC-27J bénéficie déjà d'un soutien en nature de la part du commandement des opérations spéciales de l'US Air Force (AFSOC), qui a mis à disposition certaines de ses installations et moyens d'essais en Floride pour la conduite des premiers essais. L'AFSOC a également "certifié" les performances du MC-27J à l'issue de cette phase de tests, donnant aux partenaires du programme une caution sérieuse face à leurs clients potentiels.


Selon un représentant d'Alenia Aermacchi, le marché potentiel pour le MC-27J est évalué à une cinquantaine d'appareils au cours des 20 prochaines années. L'industriel met en avant non seulement la capacité "armée" de l'avion mais aussi son potentiel multimissions, expliquant que le C-27J pourrait être également vendu dans des versions de renseignement.

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7 février 2013 4 07 /02 /février /2013 17:20


Armed MC-27J Alenia Aermacchi


Feb. 7, 2013 by Luca Peruzzi – FG


Alenia Aermacchi and ATK will complete the first phase of testing for an armed, multi-mission version of the C-27J battlefield airlifter by the end of February.


"The MC-27J version is not just a gunship", according to an Alenia Aermacchi source, "but an adaptable, agile and affordable platform solution to be equipped with a sensor, communication and weapon suite able to execute a wide range of customer-driven missions."


Unveiled as a product at the Farnborough air show in July 2012, the MC-27J is being developed and marketed by an Alenia and ATK team, with the companies acting as platform system integrator and modular mission and weapon system supplier, respectively.


"We are introducing roll-on and secure pallets, quick connect interface with avionics and aircraft systems, and working on an external antenna and sensor configuration to reduce operational limitations for transport missions," Alenia Aermacchi says.


The companies are offering a mission suite based on a roll-on/roll-off module, with two mission control operator stations, a cockpit display and command units capable of accomplishing a wide range of missions. The aircraft also boasts two electro-optical/infrared sensor (EO/IR) turrets for surveillance and weapon targeting, a new synthetic aperture radar, fire control system, secure radios and a datalink.


The armed configuration is based on a pallet-mounted ATK GAU-23 Bushmaster 30mm automatic cannon, also selected for the US Air Force's Lockheed Martin MC-130W Combat Spear special mission/gunship.


Weighing less than 900kg (1,980lb), with 500 rounds of ammunition, the weapon is fitted at the rear left door with the gun barrel protruding.


Flight International understands the gun has a slant range of 2.2nm (4km) from a 5,000ft (1,520m) altitude, and will be fired in unpressured conditions to enhance accuracy. The MC-27J also can carry precision-guided munitions, including those released from launchers incorporated with the aircraft's rear ramp.


An Alenia Aermacchi source says the first firing test phase will be performed at a US range, using a company-owned C-27J with a fixed gun with manual adjustment and cameras installed. The process will include five or six flights involving single and multiple rounds being fired, and will be completed during February.


The companies have, meanwhile, already started a second phase of work with an ATK-provided GAU-23 gun trainable mount, fire control software, installed EO/IR turrets and a mission system. These activities are scheduled to be completed, with additional testing, before the end of 2013.


Alenia Aermacchi says the C-27J has so far been ordered by 10 customers, with the latest being Australia and an undisclosed nation from central Africa. The company has so far delivered 54 of the 91 aircraft ordered, with more than 60,000 flight hours amassed and the type delivering an average availability rate of over 70%.

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9 juillet 2012 1 09 /07 /juillet /2012 17:15
Alenia Transforms C-27J Into Gunship


July 9, 2012. David Pugliese Defence Watch


Press release from Alenia:


Alenia Aermacchi is pleased to introduce a new version of the C-27J battlefield airlifter, the MC-27J. The MC-27J is a multi-mission, armed, Roll On/Roll Off (RO/RO) derivative of the C-27J Spartan. Alenia Aermacchi and ATK will jointly produce and market this new offering.


The new MC-27J is an adaptable, agile, and affordable solution for various airborne multi-mission requirements that today are performed by a wide variety of aircraft, including special operations versions of the C-130. The MC-27J is not just a gunship, but a battlefield tested platform equipped with proven sensors, communications, and weapons suite able to execute a wide range of customer-driven missions.


The MC-27J is designed to support air forces and Special Forces in performing several key operations, including: anti-terrorism missions, the evacuation of military personnel and civil populations from crisis areas, fighting asymmetrical threats and for all standard operations of the Special Forces. The MC-27J provides Special Forces a platform with quick transfer speed; long operational range and ample cargo capacity (console for the systems’ operators, troops and vehicles).


The MC-27J is capable of taking off from and landing on short and/or unprepared strips while acting as an autonomous command and control centre integrated with the ground command network. The MC-27J will also provide Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) capability as well as the ability to deploy paratroopers. Furthermore, the MC-27J’s target designation and on-board weapons systems provide outstanding support for ground operations.


ATK’s gunship capability is provided from a newly developed palletized weapons system, which is self-contained, modular, scalable and provides RO/RO flexibility. This palletized system integrates sensors, communications and weapons into a responsive and reconfigurable mission package. Specific features for the MC-27J system include enhanced electro-optical/infrared targeting sensors, a trainable 30mm cannon, precision guided munitions, advanced communications and a networked mission management and fire control system.


The MC-27J provides outstanding offensive capability utilizing a palletized weapon system specifically designed for the ATK 30mm GAU-23 cannon and other precision guided weapon systems, resulting in a highly effective system that minimizes collateral damages. The palletized system is designed for easy embarkation and disembarkation via the aircraft’s rear ramp; permitting flexibility in the use of the unaltered aircraft. The primary configuration requires minimal integration on the aircraft’s frame to significantly reduce acquisition costs and development times, while retaining the C-27J’s robust airlift capabilities.


At the core of the MC-27J is the C-27J Spartan, the best-selling battlefield airlifter, offering payload, persistence and out-of-area capabilities coupled with high performance; high maneuverability and the capability to operate on short, unpaved strips. The Spartan is currently the world’s best seller in the tactical airlifter’s category with 89 airplanes ordered by 9 countries all over the world including Italy, United States and recently, Australia.


The MC-27J offer commonality of equipments and systems with larger multi-mission platforms but at much lower operational costs and with the operational flexibility of being able to operate form shorter runways also in hot and high conditions, and as modern and reliable solution for those air forces interested in integrating their forces with a skilled airplane in a very delicate role but at the same time very flexible in its use.

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Feb 29, 2012 ASDNews Source : Alliant Tech Systems, Inc


ATK was recently awarded a  fourth contract option to produce 30mm PGU-15A/B cartridges for the U.S. Army Contracting Command, Rock Island Contracting Center (RICC), Rock Island, Ill.   The order is a part of a multi-year contract originally signed in July 2007. ATK's worldwide sales of 30mm ammunition in the current fiscal year now exceed $29 million.  


ATK's 30mm PGU-series target practice ammunition is specially designed for training applications.  These cartridges, currently in use with the 30mm GAU-8/A Gatling gun on the U.S. Air Force A-10 Warthog close-support aircraft provide cost-effective, ballistic-matched training rounds for improved warfighter performance.


"We are proud to continue our role as the primary provider of PGU-15 ammunition in support of the U. S. Air Force's A-10 aircraft," said Dan Olson, Vice President and General Manager, ATK Integrated Weapon Systems. "This round plays an integral role in training A-10 aircrews to develop and maintain essential air-to-ground combat skills.  ATK supports this program through the delivery of high quality products, outstanding value and great customer service."


ATK's Mesa, Ariz.-based Integrated Weapon Systems division will produce the rounds at its facilities in Radford, Va. and Rocket Center, W. Va.  Delivery of the optioned rounds is set to begin this year.

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