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30 mars 2015 1 30 /03 /mars /2015 16:50
Battlegroup C4I: leading vehicle C4I system integration

30 mars 2015 Thales Group


Military operations are now network-centric, and land forces need superior information and communications capabilities to respond to new threats and to work with joint and allied forces efficiently. Thales delivers interoperable systems that are designed for this purpose, giving land forces operational superiority.
We offer vehicle system integrator solutions no matter what the platform or the type of mission to be fulfilled, from stand-alone platform to multiplatform. We provide a common vehicle electronic architecture adjusted for all variants, offering operational supremacy to end-user and industrial and programmatic benefits to customer.

More on Open Information and Communication systems

More on our Vehicle System Integrator capabilities

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14 août 2014 4 14 /08 /août /2014 11:25
Elbit Awarded an $80 M Contract to Supply Latin American Country


Aug 13, 2014 ASDNews Source : Elbit Systems Ltd.


Elbit Systems, announced today that it was awarded an $80 million contract to supply a Latin American country with Command, Control, Computer & Communications (C4I) systems.


The project, to be performed over a three-year period, is part of the Army's extensive modernization program and is designated for all echelons, from the maneuvering forces up to the command headquarters. The new, unified communications network will play an important role during emergencies and natural hazards and disasters and will facilitate a real-time common operational picture, providing the Land Forces with enhanced operational performance and situational awareness.


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11 avril 2014 5 11 /04 /avril /2014 16:35
Thales at Defence Services Asia

April 11, 2014 Thales


Thales, a global technology leader for the Aerospace, Transportation and Defence & Security markets, will be participating in the 14th Defense Services Asia (DSA) exhibition and conference, which takes place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 14 to 17 April.
A privileged partner for the Malaysian Ministry of Defence, Thales offers the full scope of its defence expertise and experience through programmes for the Naval, Air and Land forces. Thales has been operating in Malaysia since 1980 and will be exhibiting a wide range of equipment in the fields of Communication, Optronics and Air operations at DSA Malaysia 2014.

Advanced air defence

Thales is leading the way for air defence solutions and is able to deliver a fully integrated air defence capability, from radars and C2 centres through to effectors and their respective fire control systems. Thales’s Advanced Air Defence offering is an integrated set of solutions designed to ensure timely decision-making and effective responses for the protection of military forces, key assets, nations and citizens around the globe. Thales and ThalesRaytheonSystems have developed, manufactured and supported best-in-class air defence systems for customers worldwide for more than 40 years. Over 300 air defence radars have been sold to 26 countries. Thales is also the world's leading supplier of integrated weapon systems, with more than 450 mobile, integrated systems in service with customers throughout the world. Its solutions include the STARStreak system, integrated on a wide range of armoured vehicle
platforms. Thales’s innovations in open systems architecture are behind the development of the RAPID range of mobile integrated weapon systems, which combine sophisticated sensors, fire control software, latest-generation human-machine interfaces and a wide range of weapons, including missiles and guns. The RAPID range of weapon systems will be presented at DSA, as well as the 3D Ground Master radar family.



Thales is a pioneer in optronic equipment and systems, with thousands of products in service in more than 60 countries. Working closely with its partners and end users, Thales draws on a range of advanced optronics technologies to develop imaging and image processing solutions, tailored to the precise requirements of each customer. At DSA, Thales will showcase its optronic equipment aimed at evaluating critical situations at both tactical and strategic levels.


Communication, Navigation and Identification systems

Thales proposes a broad array of communication products and solutions to provide the armed forces with the information superiority and network-centric capabilities they need. Thales offers interoperable systems and a complete range of tactical radios for all levels of command, from C2 centres to infantry in the field and for land, air and naval platforms, to meet the requirement for air-to-air, ground-to-air and surface-to-air communications. Thales is also a world leader in proven identification systems with the capability to provide real-time identification of friendly forces in the most demanding environments. A wide range of communication and identification systems will be exhibited on the Thales stand.


C4I solutions

 Thales, as a lead system integrator, provides interoperable, secure and critical C4ISR (Computerised, Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) systems for information superiority on the digitised battlespace, in order to support the decision-making process for
Commander and Crew and at the tactical operational level for Defence and Army forces. C4ISR solutions for information superiority on the digitised battlespace will be on display on Thales’s stand.


Thales's technologies in naval solutions will also be presented on the stand. They include state-of-the-art naval sensor systems and a new development in integrated sensor, effector and combat management technology especially for smaller vessels.

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24 avril 2013 3 24 /04 /avril /2013 19:45
Source Elbit Systems Ltd

Source Elbit Systems Ltd

HAIFA, Israel, April 24 (UPI)


An unidentified country in Africa has placed a $40 million order with Elbit Systems Ltd. of Israel for its Wise Intelligence Technology System.


Elbit says the WiT system for intelligence analysis and cyberdefense and will be integrated with data sources such as the company's open source Intelligence solution and PC surveillance systems for covert intelligence gathering.


"We are proud to be selected to supply this unique system, which is already field-proven, fully operational and customizable," said Yehuda Vered, general manager of Elbit Systems Land and C4I.


"Elbit Systems is a world leader in the fields of intelligence analysis and cyberdefense, with proven solutions highly suitable for countries, armies and critical infrastructure sites.


"We hope that additional customers will follow in selecting our highly advanced and cutting-edge systems in these fields as their preferred solution."


WiT supports every stage of the intelligence process -- collection of data from multiple sources, databases and sensors; processing of the information; supporting analysis and evaluation of the information and its dissemination.


Elbit said the system will be supplied to the country within two years.

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